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My installation with an acer aspire one !

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  • My installation with an acer aspire one !

    Carputer to sell :

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    Originally posted by summer69guy View Post
    Hi i plan to put a carputer in my car ( cobalt ss supercharged 2006).

    this is my equipement !

    Computer : acer aspire one 8 gb windows xp
    8GB of RAM is severe overkill. WinXP can't even address a full 4GB RAM.

    The problem is that i want to keep the radio signal from the antenna!
    could i keep the head unit to keep the best radio signal?
    can i plug the remote from my head unit the amplifier...and plug the amplifier to my sound card ...
    If you do that, you'll be bypassing the headunit.
    You want Sound Card -> Headunit AUX IN -> Amplifier(s)

    could i conect the radio to my sound car integrated in the pc(the green slot) and conect the sound card usb via the usb port to my amplifiers?
    You already asked that. Yes, you could, but you would be bypassing the headunit, and losing all of its functionality, including the radio.


    i have a sound car audigy is suposed to my 7.1 but i dont see 8 ports.... i'm i suposed to use 'y' rca?
    It doesn't matter for a car environment. You're not going to be using 7.1 from the sound card.
    You'll use simple stereo (left & right channels) into the headunit.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      I think the 8Gb is the SSD, not the RAM...


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        I purchased one of the SATA drive units (160gig I believe) with the extended battery for a similar purpose. I did it so it could be moved between cars for road-trips and such. I'm in the process of machining some swing arms so that the laptop can be mounted (kinda like a cop car's is). I use an aux input to my HU (pop-up DVD Player) and have it currently setup to use the HU's display as a secondary monitor. I have GPS software on the laptop which works really well (better than our garmin stand-alone unit). I figured out how to connect it to my cell and use it as a modem (480 up/down) and having internet on the run is sweet.

        I always have the laptop with me but I don't always connect it - which is why I recommend keeping your head unit for radio and jacking in when you want more. It's nice to have both and I typically use it on the longer drives.

        I do plan on using a touch screen as a second monitor in the next couple of months but finding the mounting location will be tough (I have a Dodge 2500 quad cab) since I want it to be located above the steering wheel to the left to minimize the distance I have to look.

        So far I love it but keeping it simple really turned out to make it even nicer. I wanted to have a self-contained PC and I may some day. For the short term it really is awesome though!


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          i returned the aspire one
          Carputer to sell :


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            How come?
            Build Things, it keeps your brain busy.

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