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Android tablets on eBay?

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  • Android tablets on eBay?

    Hi all,

    Recently some Android tablets started surfacing on eBay, from China/Hong Kong.
    Example -

    Any thoughts? Other than the screen being resistive, and the potential lack of official support, everything looks REALLY good? Especially the price.

    EDIT: Found a website by the way

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    It has a 5 inch screen. iPad has a 10 inch. The company through looks professional, not like they are trying to create a cheap, useless clone.


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      ARCHOS Android home tablet 7 inch US$179

      What about this one?
      http://lh4.ggpht. com/_51EAQ7Rvfj8 /S4u95jyysAI/ AAAAAAAABbs/ f13EJEB_dBg/ s640/S


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        Originally posted by bandung_steve View Post
        What about this one?
        http://lh4.ggpht. com/_51EAQ7Rvfj8 /S4u95jyysAI/ AAAAAAAABbs/ f13EJEB_dBg/ s640/S
        Archos (the maker of that tablet) is a trusted company that was making tablets before the iPad.

        We just had a topic about tablets, MIDs, and UMPCs here:


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          Many of the chinese androids MIDS are crap. i did a lot of research and the mfgs are only installing them just for the marketing. Many of the stuff do not work like wifi, bluetooth. they pretty much have generic builds of the os dating from version 1.4

          I did a lot of research on this and spent months checking out the forums from stuff like SmartQ,etc.. The conclusions was that the WinCE versions ran better on the hardware.

          The Archos is a bit lame. I'd wait a few more months. CEBIT showed some new products that are promising and in the $100 price range. At that price, I can gamble on a crap piece of gear from Mainland China.


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            That's bad news Chronoguy
            I wish companies like HTC would do a proper one.
            The Dell Mini 5 is nice but too expensive.


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              i'm a big android fan but i wouldn't pull the trigger on one of these. i really doubt it supports market access, or any of the google apps built into most android phones. probably not too hard to add either one though if you don't mind a couple hours of fiddling.


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                yea the google maps navigation would be awesome on a nice big non cell phone screen