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Rooted NookColor on my Indash

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  • Rooted NookColor on my Indash

    I need help. I want to use my Rooted NookColor as my indash stereo but i cannot figure out the wiring that i will need or if there is a module to control volume and amp for the speakers. If anybody would help me ill appreciate it thanks.

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    Nook -> 3.5mm to RCA adapter -> EQ -> Amps -> speakers


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      I would consider building an permanent in dash install using a rooted Nook color. Are there any Android drivers that'll work with a GPS antenna (Bu353) and BT dongle? If so all you'd need is the right USB cable and a small USB hub to connect your GPS antenna BT dongle.


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        Does the nook color support usb host? If so you might be able to hook the gps directly to the tablet itself. Also if i recall correctly i heard that there was a bluetooth module hidden in the nook color that people at xda have found a way to unlock it? If so, have you considered using a smartphone and using the gps receiver off the phone via bluetooth and using that device to share internet with your tablet? That might be easier and or a cleaner way for you to install your nook color. I hope i could help. If you get your Android car install done pay a visit to I just started a community for just us android car guys so if you get a chance check it out.
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          I've been missing from here for a while...

          Saw this thread and had to chime in- I have a Nook Color running CyanogenMod 7 nightly (stable version is not released yet) and can report that bluetooth does work, but that I still don't care for most of the nav apps available- besides Googles.
          This is NOT a deal killer per se though-
          I am using my Nook Color for navigation in my car.
          Google nav is great on a 7" screen, btw.

          Here is the trick: you need a phone with gps and the ability to wirelessly tether for data and run TetherGPS for the location data.

          Any rooted Android phone should work, I think but I can specifically state that my Droid2Global running Fission and Nook Color running CM7 nightly work perfectly together.

          I have NOT yet tried music in any way, although that is something I will be doing eventually using the aux input on my stock system.
          The one and only difficulty I have noted is that the NC draws more power than a cell phone- 2amp 120v charger and a special cord. While in use even plugged in the power slowly drops due to insufficient amperage in my cigarette lighter charger (1 amp.) Not a major issue: 3 hour drive from last week and power went from about 95% to 70%, so it would take a long drive to use it all up.
          This DOES mean that usage upon arrival will have less than a full charge.

          I actually pulled my CarPC with all the advances in Android phones (hence my absence here) and the sad state of standalone linux nav applications, but with the Nook Color and my phone I actually have everything I really see as required in a car computer.
          (Yes, I know my limits are low compared to most here.)


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            Would the rca adapter go into the "aux in" in a Clarion EQS746?

            Originally posted by whats77inaname View Post
            Nook -> 3.5mm to RCA adapter -> EQ -> Amps -> speakers


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              yes, it would.
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