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(WIP)NookColor Indash Stereo Mod

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  • (WIP)NookColor Indash Stereo Mod

    This is from my XDA Developers Thread Still working on it.

    I know someone was going to beat me putting the nookcolor as a car stereo if I didn't hurry to do it but much respect for the guy that did this first . I worked on my Nookcolor, installing it as a car stereo this weekend on my 2004 Gmc envoy and still modifying my dash to make it blend in. Running Nookie Froyo.Now to work on developing a car stereo app will be great with build in FM radio and visualizer and equalizer. I'm barely learning how to develop apps reading some books on android app development and Java to make my app come to life but I do not have a lot of time, with school and work one tends to get a bit frustrated and tired. I'm hoping some one can help me out with my idea of an app if its not yet on the works. I was inspired byAndroid and everyone here in the XDA community to try and make some great ideas come to life. Android 100% right here

    Videos will be posted soon.

    Until an actual interface adapter is made to bypass sound and volume control from the vehicle wiring to just a plain rca cable with 3.5mm Jack, I intend to use my tab as is. I will come up with new ideas tho.
    __________________________________________________ _____________
    NOOKCOLOR Indash Stereo
    __________________________________________________ ______________
    Test in dash v2.1(overclocked)

    Still same as v2 just added a couple more apps to make feel a bit more like indash stereo.

    Apps Added:
    Stayawake(this works great so far on phiremodCM7 plug in USB cable and screen stays on, very stereo like feeling, better yet it dims out to save battery but still stays awake)
    Last FM(working so far)
    ADW Ex launcher
    Miren browser(Browser of Choice)

    Apps removed:
    TuneIn radio(The app started giving me trouble and forcing close, worked for a while tho.)

    Apps not working so far:
    YouTube or flash( Flash and video playback foes not work as stated before but I'm pretty sure it will soon. I tried watching transformers 2 to see how it looked and did not work on phiremod CM7 yet.)

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::
    Test in dash v2
    Changed Nook Rom to:
    Phiremod CM7 (looks great very responsive, hotspot data connectivity way faster with my HTC EVO on 3g not on 4g. Will test on 4g to see how much faster it connects but no youtube)
    Apps Using and still testing:
    TuneIn Radio for local stations(since no bluetooth)
    PowerAmp (using this app because has build in EQ and song can be change with finger swipe)
    Pandora(running 100%)
    MortPlayer (still sounds good but prefer PowerAmp because of the look and EQ ) "DSP Manger still doesnt work"

    I still need to add volume and mute widgets.

    :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::
    Test in dash v1
    Nookie Froyo 6.7 (Did not test 6.8 yet)
    Using PowerAmp app as main choice for stereo. It includes EQ settings.
    MortPlayer Installed
    Pandora Installed, works great if connected to phone hotspot.
    __________________________________________________ _____________
    Apps that I'm trying to develop.

    IndashStereo App.
    With Navigation compatibility.
    YouTube video compatibility.
    Bluetooth compatibility if tab comes with it. Probably all tabs will for now on.
    Facebook and tweeter song share buttons.
    Meaby traffic updates.

    IndashStereo Remote

    This is another app I want to develop which I will need Bluetooth.

    Should have Bluetooth compatibility to connect your Android Phone to connect to Indash Stereo app on the tab so you can share music and use the phone as remote control for app.

    Suggestions and opinions are welcome.
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    I Dunno seems to me alot of the functionality you seek could be achieved by using apps like Custom Car home or Car Dock Home V3 with shortcuts to Youtube, Navigation etc. Those dock apps act as a front end to make it easy to access the apps you want in the car! Then pair it with the Tasker app and automate some task to suit your needs. As far as Radio is concerned i use apps like Tune In,, Pandora,TinyShark ( a Grooveshark client) and Slacker Radio for my streaming music needs. However my Tablet is connected via Bluetooth to my stock head unit that has a2dp streaming so control is easier in that regard. Personally i like DoubleTwist because it has an addon called Airsync that allows you to update your song library wirelessly over wifi. That program also has an Itunes like appearance and allows you to sync and organize your songs. If you want to check out my install it's Here

    Whenever you complete or would like to show off your Android Car Install or worklog feel free to post it at Just starting out and would like to create a community based just on Android in the car.

    Hope my tips were helpful, Good luck with your install! As For me Android is the way to go as for my car infotainment needs!
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      I am once again wimping out and not permanently integrating my NC, just as I did with my home-built computer, but that is looking pretty good man.

      The biggest issue I have had using my NC in-car is the power adapter I have: slow drain while in use thanks to the WiFi and 1.1Ghz speed.
      Have you found a 2amp or more charger? Or are you not having this issue?

      A further note on the developments of late: I am basically running the CM7 nightlies and they are already great- and get better almost daily. Two big pieces of news:
      *Video test build is looking good so performance there may be fixed in a few days (Phiremod is based off of the nightlies so usually a day or two behind that stuff.) I am about to try it myself..
      *Tablet Tweaks from ideas based on what Honeycomb has are a work in progress and may make things easier for you as well: customizable soft buttoms, notification bar relocated to the bottom of the screen, etc. This one I have already used and once it is perfected should end up in CM7 final.


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        I like what you're doing a lot, thanks for sharing!

        How is the video player situation going? I heard it doesn't use hardware acceleration to play them, so you can't play full resolution movies and 2Kbps...did they fix that? What file types it will play?
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          Just a quick response:
          I have tested the new video build quickly and it was flawless for youtube.
          I did not test anything else but restored my fully configured rom.

          I am not sure just what is supported "out of the box" but whatever works in other Cyanogenmod ROMs will work on the NC, I am sure.

          I do know that many report better video players than the stock one anyway- more codecs supported and so on.
          I don't do much video with mine- some flash and occasionally linked to youtube.

          CM7 has made huge progress in the last week and with the stuff I know about- which isn't that much!- the next week or so should be the same.


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            @ JCAndroid87

            The reason the Phiremod builds have broken YouTube is because it uses Dalingrin's OC kernal. If you run stock CM7 YouTube and Vevo apps work fine. CM7 still lets you overclock up to 925 (which seems fast enough for me). I think you would have better luck using stock CM7 as your starting point since you won't be needing many of the customizations that come with Phiremod anyway.

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            Originally posted by rogerdugans View Post

            The biggest issue I have had using my NC in-car is the power adapter I have: slow drain while in use thanks to the WiFi and 1.1Ghz speed.
            Have you found a 2amp or more charger? Or are you not having this issue?
            I've noticed a slow drain even when plugged in as well. Plugged in and in use, the discharge is ~7-15mA depending on what it's doing. This isn't too much of a concern for me since mine is still primarily for tablet/e-reading use and it's not permanently mounted in the car. One thing you could do is put your Nook to sleep when you turn off your ignition. As long as power to your charger doesn't turn off it will charge the NC. The drain shouldn't be significant as long as you drive every few days.

            Ugh, never mind I was writing this assuming you were hard-mounting your NC in the car, but I just read it again and it's the opposite. Since that's the case, like I said before, I've never had a issue with it dying on me because of the slow drain. Unless the battery is almost dead, I would think it could make it through an average 30-45 min drive until you got to your destination.


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              The NC (even overclocked to 1100mhz) drains very slowly when plugged into a standard charger USB voltage like I use too- should go 10+ hours of constant use with navigation.
              I did see that B&N is going to be releasing a car charger btw..

              And a note on video: the CM7 crew seems to have most of the hardware's video driver problem solved since nightly 31 (I think- I know it is in the current one) BUT there are some reports of issues with crackling and popping sounds. I have not had these problems so I have no more details.