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Motorola Xoom tablet car dock

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  • Motorola Xoom tablet car dock

    Unfortunatly I posted this in the wrong section, I sent a pm to a mod and asked that it get moved but i did'nt get a reply.

    I recently built a docking station in my 1999 Rodeo to hold my Motorola Xoom tablet and charge it. I started with the Xoom, desktop dock car charger and several sheets of ABS plastic. A power port which I wired behind the radio and fused at 15 amps.

    From the factory the head unit is above the pocket so the first thing I had to do after pulling the head unit was put it under the pocket. Then I drilled a hole in the top of the pocket big enough for the connector on the car charger to go through. Then I attached the dock to the bottom of the pocket and used ABS to close off each end.

    Then I made a back plate for support with tabs around the sides and front to hold the tablet in place. Since the pictures below were taken I have pulled the back plate off and wrapped it in vynal to keep the tablet from getting scratched when I slide it in or out. My head unit also has USB support so I cut a hole above my cig lighter for that to be surface mounted.
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    So where do you want it? Here or in the completed projects area? Next time just report the post instead of PMing a mod.

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