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Mounting a Tablet in my 370z

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  • Mounting a Tablet in my 370z


    So i have seen plenty of regular screens mounted in 370 and 350z but i would like to do a tablet... my only concern is the buttons that are on the side of the tablet... i want the screen to be flush so i dont know what to do with the buttons... any ideas are welcome!!

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    sounds like a job for a hacked nook like the one another forum member did on his mustang, of course if you want the unit to be removable it might be a little less flush. i'm looking out for the android version of the mimics hardware but until then i'm using a dell streak 7


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      You could trim the bezel so the buttons are visible but the edge of the tablet isn't - that would make it appear flush, if you do it right. Of course, it depends on the tablet, so if the buttons are on the side of the tablet instead of the front, the only way I see is to open up the tablet and rewire the buttons.
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