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  • Android Frontend App for tablets and phones

    So with all of these android tablets coming out they are becoming more and more appealing to be used in cars, only as many here have said the interface is not designed to be used while driving and can be quite dangerous to navigate while doing so.

    So I have been working on a replacement for the stock android carHome app because frankly it sucks, and the couple that are on the market arent that great either. Im getting close to a testing version and should have a usable version in the next few weeks, but before I release it on the market I want to have people test it on various devices to make sure it works cause i just have my phone currently to test it.

    Here are the Current and Future features it has:
    App Launchers- can launch any app installed on your device, choose between 1-3 pages each with 6 launch icons
    Current Speed/Dir
    built in Weather Updates
    built in music player (other ones dont have this and just launch a non car friendly media player)
    Media Controls on home screens for quick control of music

    OBD Link
    Bluetooth integration
    built in video player with USB capable DVD player

    So if you are interested in testing let me know. Also if you are good with visual design I could use some help with designing the graphics. As a general appearance until I get some screen shots the set up is very similar to Centrafuse, I like the layout and it transfers well to phone screens and can be adapted easily for portrait as well as landscape.

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    I can help testing.
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      I'm willing to help test, as well.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Make that another one willing to test. I've got a rooted Nook Color destined for a car install.


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          I would love to test the app!


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            I can test it on both my Droid1 and my Xoom.
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              I would be keen to test your app, I have my Viewtab7 mounted in my car and would be keen to see a decent car front-end. I use mine in landscape mode.

              Your main interface should be simple and non-cluttered.
              And from the main screen, you should be able to use gestures to control the music, like swipe left for next song, and drag up or down to control volume (volume control is my biggest problem with the android, poweramp doesn't have volume controls on the main screen, and atm it's easier for me to hit the home button and click volume buttons on a widget while driving than trying to do it in poweramp)
              It would be nice to have a wallpaper slideshow as well.
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                I know you specifically mention tablets, however I have a rooted EVO and am willing to test if you want to know how the 4.3" screen works with it.


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                  I can help with testing. I'm actually putting together an android based CarPC. I'd love to help you with your apps!!


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                    Way interested too! planning on gettin the new 8.9 samsung tablet..

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                      Glad to see the interest
                      @BadMonkey thats a good idea for swipe controls was thinking about using swipe to switch between pages but I like that, ill probably have it be an option to either use swipe for page switching or media control.

                      Also Im setting up the layout to work on phones at the moment cause im using my Captivate to test and build it, but will adjust it to fit on tablets also.

                      Lastly, here are some rough screen shots, as I havent done anything for the layout except get things where they need to be and currently just working on functionality its rough but you can get the general idea for the look of it, its also hard to see in the pictures but the top and bottom are white bars which hold the home button on the bottom, time speed and dir on the top.

                      the green bars on the sides are arrow buttons and the media controls will be on the bottom where the home button currently is, havent got them programed in yet. Currently working on the music player.

                      At the top the test shows direction when you are moving and speed on the left. Im open to ideas and improvements Im just doing this in my spare time so dont expect real speedy results but I work on it at least an hour a day so it is coming along.

                      And Again help with the visual of it would be appreciated!!!
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                        I'd love to help test, i have a Dell streak 7 i'm installing in my 06 tacoma and a optimus V i've rooted and rommed right now. there are a few 3rd party apps out there for this but feature wise they dont integrate alot. one thing that would be nice is a rotary volume knob widget for the home screen. i'm using a app called volume control right now but my home screen is my main launcher with apps such as Torque, maps navigation, voice search, swype, pandora/slacker/lastfm. beautiful widgets for a nice big time clock and weather.


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                          For the swipe gestures, you could make it area sensitive, ie. swipes over the Track info or Album Art control the music, other swipes change the page.
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                            Count me in on any testing needed. I have a rooted Nook Color looking for more play time


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                              I have a Dell Streak 5" I am willing to test on.