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USB sound cards + tablet

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  • USB sound cards + tablet

    Does anyone know of a usb sound card that is capable of working with android? Or know of a way to get the audio from a tablet to an optical in?

    Im thinking about doing an android based tablet and want to interface with my system's processor via optical. (Audison BitOne)

    Was thinking about either the ASUS transformer or the cheap route here.


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    best bet would probably be to get a analog to digital converter or find a tablet with HDMI out and convert the digital audio stream from it to optical. i haven't heard of any peripheral audio cards or drivers for android devices


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      I'm curious where you got with this. I'm wanting to run optical as well, and you need an analog signal for the Bit One set up. But I'm also looking to run video monitors that have a composite (yellow video and Red and white audio RCA's) input on them. I already have the monitors so I'm kind of stuck that way. I'm running a thread here and every time I think I'm getting somewhere, it seems I'm not going in the right direction after all.

      I posted up a couple of new scenarios to make it work, but I'm not in complete understanding or grasp of how the "electronic" world works. This is not my domain needless to say. So I'm not sure. Apparently my posts are being held until they can be approved my a moderator, at least that's what it's telling me. But again, I'm curious to find out what you guys have discovered with this set up if anything.


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        So I am dealing with the same issue right now. I have a Toshiba Thrive in my dash using the dock. Right now I am using the headphone out and sending it to the AUX In of an Alpine head unit. (using a HU for the blue tooth).

        The problem with this is that the I am using the thrives DAC which is not that good. And the Alpine's USB does not work with the thrive.

        So what I think I am going to do next is to use the HDMI out. I have a similar issue with converting the video to composite as well. I want to send the video signal to my rear view mirror that has a small screen in it.

        So the HDMI out will go into a down converter with optical out. It takes the video signal and down converts it to composite and also takes the digital audio signal and can pass it to something.

        I was thinking of using the bitone as well. That excepts analog and digital inputs from what I read. I would then output the analog signal to the AUx in of my alpine. But this way the bitone is the DAC and not the Thrive. The composite video will go to my rear view mirror.

        That is my plan. Hoping that it works.


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          You don't need to go from the Bit One to the head unit aux. The bit one has it's own aux and settings on it. You should be able to go from the Thrive to the converter, then audio to the bit one in analog (you need an analog signal to set it up), then you can use the optical or digital for your main signal after set up. You can then run the video to the monitors. What all do you use the head unit for and the thrive for?


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            Am/FM as I am not sold on internet radio as it still "stutters" often enough. And bluetooth calling. But as I said in the other thread I may ditch it.


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              About the BT calling
              I think the devs @ xda HTC Flyer forum managed to get it working
              Take a look it might help you , I'm interested in this too but its not on top of my priority list atm
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                Arggggh this is getting annoying. It looks like the only way to do this is buy a tablet with a dock and HDMI out.