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My xoom mount

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  • My xoom mount

    Hi guys this is my first post here . I.made a single din xoom mount in my 2010 civic

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    interesting. any other details for anyone interested in a similar concept?
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      Very nice and clean...yes , please more info/pictures of mount ...thinking of doing something similar with an 8.9 galaxy tab when they finally get released

      oh, i see an audio cable up there also a power cable somewhere?
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        So sorry for the short description post just really wanted to get up here after seeing some awesome posts.
        So first I was going to sell my xoom and get the flyer from Sprint. It would fit perfect in my double din with very little modification. But then I would loose my cd drive which mom and sister use. And it would be more likely to be stolen ..
        I looked around for a nice single din attachment for.mounting tabs but could not find one. Infact in this apple driven world every cool mount is made for the iPad... The I tounght what if I attach a piece of acrylic glass with screws the the din.. the screws would be ugly once removed and the acrylic glass was too thing ...
        I had my friend a piece of wood that would cover my din. I painted and it looks good. But I would like a thicker piece of acrylic glass I.believe it would look better.

        All the parts are from RAM mount expect the snap on case(RAM mount sells one with the attachment for.the xoom but its 40 or 60 bucks not worth it yet)

        The first part is attached to the wood which is the main base that is
        Ram-B-238U 8 bucks shipped on eBay

        The second part is the adjustable arm (i believe you can find it in.different lengths ) that is RAM RAM-B-201U it was 14 bucks shipped on eBay

        The final.part is the one screwed on the back of the snap.on case the one I used is a circle design but you can use the same one as the base which is a diamond shape . The part number is RAM-B-202U it was 8 bucks shipped.

        I used a snap on case just because I believed it would look slimer but the case they sell with RAM-B-202U welded on is real nice I.might upgrade to that later.

        The base and the wood is held onto the bottom din via 2 long screws that go all the way through the din (drilled 2 holes on the back.of the din.. will provide pic of that later today ) and secured with 2 nuts. It looks cleaner then using glue or putting screws all around the wood .

        Enough talking picture time

        I know what you are thinking.. " the the screws scratch the xoom" no they do not.I.have the invisible shield all.around.

        Google maps.look awesome on this while driving also I have radio and my Google music ... It's awesome can't wait for the android.based head units to come out .... I will do my best to answer any questions . By the way the mount is adjustable to different viewing angles

        I love all the work people.put up here all the fabrication they have done is amazing


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          great so i wrote a whole post on my phone and hit discard. !!!!!!! so ****ed let me re write it but it wont be as long.

          so i wanted to mount my xoom but there is a lack of mounts available and the ones that are available are Horrendously hideous . i decided to build my own. first i went to home depot and bought acrylic glass (but it was too thin and cracked while drilling holes and cutting.
          i asked my friend to cut a piece of wood to fit directly over my bottom din. i primed and painted it black to match the head unit and xoom

          there were 4 items used in my build

          1)Ram-B-238U - the base that attached to the wood cost 7.90$ shipped.

          2) RAM RAM-B-201U- the arm (1.75" long.they do have longer ones, but i wanted it to be short) cost 13.95 shipped

          3)RAM-B-202U- the part that i attached to the back of the xoom snap on case. cost 7.699 shipped

          4) the xoom snap on case. 6.99 shipped.

          all the products were Ram mount execpt the snap on case. ram mount sells a very nice case with the RAM-B-202U prefabricated to it and looks very clean but i did not like the little hinges on top and was 60 bucks.

          i believe they have some nicer mounting cases for cheaper like 25 bucks i will be upgrading soon.

          sorry for the small pics. thats the largest i was able to ger. now i fill post pics of the install in my car in the next post (because the pictures are on my phone)


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            its weird my posts are not showing up


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              as for the power cable i have not done any thing of yet. but im thinking about drilling a hole on the wood piece and doing something there.


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                while i have no intention of ever using a xoom in-car(i need the processing power and i/o of a pc), it is still really cool to see so many new non-carpc installs getting done.

                while those screws won't scratch right away, i imagine after a while the will eat through the protector...

                you might want to consider using some epoxy to bond the snap-in cover to the RAM mount so you can ditch the screws.

                also, with a little work, i know you can get that wood to look just as good as a painted piece of plexiglass. and i think the wood will be a little more forgiving then plexi. just be sure to at least coat all the parts of the wood with some paint, or clear coat to prevent it from absorbing water..

                in this post, i go over how to smooth out a rough finish-- the same idea can apply to anything you can paint.. the only thing i don't mention there is that for most finishes, you would need 3-4 coats fo clearcoat to be sure not to sand through it.

                in your case, i would smooth out the wood first using the same sanding techniques(start with something like 60, move to 220, then 1000, then 2000), spray it with primer to make sure the finish is acceptable(if not, it is not too late to go back and resand parts), spray it with 1-2 layers of paint, and then 3-4 layers of clearcoat. then after following that guide to polishing the clearcoat(you'll probably want to use a sanding block to keep it straight), your mom and sister will use that board as a mirror!!

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                its weird my posts are not showing up
                the first 'x' number of new member posts need to be approved by a moderator before they are shown-- it is a effort to prevent spam i believe the number is higher then 15-20...
                My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                next project? subaru brz
                carpc undecided


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                  I definitely will be working on it.more . Just did not have time due to.troubleshooting stupid alternator whine

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                    now i wish i saw this before i went and bought my xtrons unit... could of broke out my android tablet i bought and have yet to use :P lol... ahh well... lol...

                    very simple, yet effective idea...

                    i would agree about the screws though, ditch them for some epoxy... better safe than sorry...