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  • Moving stock head unit

    Hi Android tab mp3car people,

    I'm trying to move my stock head unit to my trunk in order to mount my SGT 7" in the double din slot of my 2010 VW Golf. The reason for this is I'd like to keep the OEM bluetooth as well as the steering wheel controls for volume.
    After moving the HU to the trunk, I can mount the tab in the DDIN slot, plug it into the hidden aux jack and hardwire a switched power adapter.

    My issue comes from the fact that I'm trying to figure out just how to extend the harness back ten feet or so. I've found a product for splicing in an aftermarket bluetooth kit (SOT-976FB) that I can cut in half and link together with about ten feet of wiring. However, what kind of wiring should I use? I'm guessing that the stock harness is 18AWG, but I was looking at Cat5e which is 24AWG. Will this be sufficient for the power and other leads? I really don't want to wire all this an not have any power due to too much resistance or worse yet, start an electrical fire.

    I've been looking around for an answer to this question, but am having trouble finding something feasible. I'm hoping at least one of you may have some experience with this.

    Thanks for any help!


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    How about mounting it in the glove compartment

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      as long as you use at least the same gauge wire you should be fine as long as there are no signal wires that expect a certain impedance or voltage for control (which i doubt). as for using the stock head unit in the trunk that could work but i could see it being a hassle if you had to go back there to change anything. there should be some harness connectors out there that you can solder together.

      here's several idea's i have referencing my build.
      • using a dedicated amplifier and equalizer
        i've seen this done in a seperate build and was contemplating doing this on mine, the equalizer was kept in the center console in case it ever needed to be adjusted and you could keep the amp under a seat. i choose not to do this because i didn't wan't a large amp and more wiring.
      • using a aftermarket single din head unit as an amp
        i went this route since i'm designing my unit to be removable, i mounted the head unit directly behind the tablet so it is out of sight yet easily accessable to all the features if i need them, it could also be mounted in the glove box or center console because of its size, it can interface with stock steering wheel controls and have built in bluetooth, amplifier, equalizer...etc.


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        i tend to agree with using a aftermarket single din hu. while the factory radio might be easier to use on some accounts, much of that ease-of-use is lost when it is mounted in the trunk...
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          Hey y'all thanks for your input! I totally agree that it would be easier in some aspects to simply install a single DIN HU in the glovebox or behind the tablet in the dash. However, here's my explanation for keeping the stock headunit. First, it would allow me to keep my built in handsfree phone use, which has been fairly satisfying thus far. Going with an aftermarket HU would require me to install another bluetooth kit, which may be just as effective but wouldn't be as hidden and integrated as the OEM one. Additionally, in order to keep my steering wheel control, I'd have to get the expensive conversion kit/harness.
          After mounting the stock head unit in the trunk, I'd set it to AUX and wouldn't need to adjust anything else on it as nav, music, streaming, etc would all be through the tablet, and the steering wheel would control master volume. Nothing on the HU is used for the bluetooth handsfree setup, it just routes it to the speakers and silences the playback.
          Finally, it comes down to being cheap. The cost of retaining the stock head unit is: tablet ($200), M->F harness ($20), 10' of wiring ($20), metra mount kit ($20), mounting supplies ($50). The cost on installing a single DIN unit would be: tablet ($200), wiring harness with steering wheel control interface ($120), single din HU ($100), metra mount kit ($20), mounting supplies ($50). Granted, the DIN HU would take less time, but I like having a bit of a project to work on.
          However, if someone can point me in the direction of a quality single din HU that has aux input for the tablet, can take steering wheel control, and either integrate my stock bluetooth or has a quality handsfree module that is very easy to hide, I'll jump on that.
          I'm not sure if that makes a lot of sense but I hope you can see the direction I'm thinking.


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            i understand.

            they have integrated bluetooth in some models, they have aux in's on many models. but the steering wheel controls are the part that is really difficult..

            for extending the wires, it might be easiest to use speaker wire-- something like 16ga would def. work, though 18 ga could also work..

            i looked at recommending 3+ conductor wire, but couldn't find any for a reasonable price, so i would just use standard 16ga 2 conductor speaker wire for the whole project..
            My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
            "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

            next project? subaru brz
            carpc undecided