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7" 2-DIN All in one Car Multimedia System: Car DVD Player + WiFi 3G GPS Android Table

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  • 7" 2-DIN All in one Car Multimedia System: Car DVD Player + WiFi 3G GPS Android Table

    hi guys i dont really know if im posting this in the right place but let me know..i was looking around some websites and i found this radio.. i was like wow this is the first time i see it and i dont know if you guys have seen it but check it out here is the link 2
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    I just got an email the other day so it's brand new. I've been sending them emails asking about CPU clock speed, etc but they are really slow to respond. I would pull the trigger on a pre-order if I knew for sure it wasn't a 600Mhz chip or something like that. Since it's using Android 2.1 I'm concerned it might be a slower tablet. Also I can't tell whether it's using a Resistive or Capacitive touchscreen. If anyone knows please respond - this looks like a good contender for an all-in-one.
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      if you click that link you will see a tablet features tab, which gives you a whole list that starts with this:

      ● Chip: 720 Mhz
      ● Operation System: Google Android 2.1 pre installed
      ● ROM FLASH: 8GB
      ● Extended memory card: Up to 32GB SD/TF card
      ● LCD: 800*RGB*480 HD Screen
      ● G-SENSOR: 3 axis acceleration sensor and 3D IC hardware acceleration.
      ● Camera: Built-in 3MP Camera, DV Recorder
      ● Speaker: 1pc 1W
      ● Battery: 1500mA / 3.7V Li-Battery
      ● Microphone: High sensitivity input, right&left channel
      ● Size: 170*103*17mm
      ● Weight: 415g
      ● Languages: etc....

      man, my OLD phone from maybe 2 years ago was even more powerful than this.... the concept is spot on but I'm sure the implementation in this piece is just cheap china crap... expect flimsy & expect a crappy screen to go along with the very slow processor... I def love the concept though... I'm installing a tablet in my car & I'm setting it up very much like this, where the tablet docks right in front of the head unit... the head unit is recessed so when the tablet is docked it's flush mounted, when the tablet is removed the recessed radio is still fully functional without it... what I really like about this setup shown though is the tablet controls the head unit, at least to some extent... on my car I can still control the head unit even when the tablet is docked in front of it but not directly through the tablet, I have to control it with the steering wheel controls & use the cluster display to see radio function, but at least I have a 1.5 processor & a really awesome latest greatest high res & sunlight viewable screen...

      unfortunately, for as cool as that is, it's still going to be crap... a really good implementation like that would cost at least double what that one does & would def be an awesome solution, but I'd rather build it myself with great components than buy a solution built from cheap crappy components I think
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        Great concept I agree. I'm sure they can make it top quality, but then it will cost too much and no one will pay $1000+ for an unknown brand. At the end of the day for china and HK, as long as they make a $1 profit (no matter how crap it it) thats all that matters.

        Anyway, here is two youtube videos that give a good demo on operation so you can be the judge

        P.S. I would much prefer a red stylus, makes it easy to tap faster.


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          it definitely uses a resistive touch screen-- that is the only way they could use that type of stylus on the screen.

          overall, not a horrible unit. the concept is great, but the cheap reality is poor. even in the video, i saw some video stuttering in the screen transitions in what should be a freshly built unit--i imagine that gets worse with age
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            it would be really cool if you could use a different tablet... something way faster than that...


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              Yeah I looked at this too. I like the concept also with the dock and other features. Personally I would not want the radio/dvd/cd features. The tablet does all that I need without that. I like the car multimedia features and screens though.
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                still not cheap enough to justify the poor build quality..
                My OLD 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT:
                "The Project That Never Ended, until it did"

                next project? subaru brz
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