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Selecting sound output?

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  • Selecting sound output?

    I already have the Viewpad 7" Android 2.2 integrated on my car.

    I have wired from 3.5 mm stereo output to AUX car input, so I can use the tablet as a music player. Good.

    But, I want to hear other sounds (navi, alerts, ...) directly from tablet, because I don't want to have AUX input permanently selected.

    So, is it possible to select sound output depending on context? (I'm thinking on Tasker to automatize this)

    If not, is it possible to output sound from 3.5mm AND tablet speakers?

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    anythings possible, i'm sure i've seen this before even though i've never used it as i prefer all notifications to come through the stereo. some apps i run perform a similar feature such as ECID, which allows notifications to be played through the device and or output.


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      My Iconia a100 has a setting which lets you choose where to output notifications, alarms, etc while music is playing. It's running HC 3.2 though. May be possible on 2.2 with some extra work. Son't see why not.

      Not much help, but a little hope. Good luck.