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  • Android dual tab install

    Hey all, noob here. My android install centers around 2 tablets, 1) a BlackBerry playbook in the double din spot replacing the stereo. This will be used for media, possible video chat, gps, backup camera, and emulator gaming... I would also like to tie in the hvac, window, and door lock controls later. And...

    2) a second undetermined tablet in the dash above the steering wheel. This one will be stand alone for gauges and obd2 monitoring probably through the Torque app (until I find a better looking, user friendly frontend).

    I also have an old nextar gps that I'd like to remove the 3.5 touchscreen and install it in the console as a remote control for tablet 1.

    All of this is going into a 97 Z28. I have learned quite a bit from the forums, I am just looking for any ideas or suggestions you all may have, primarily regarding frontend applications and tieing in Arduino, (or a similar framework), for hvac and such.

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    the problem with the tablet in dash above the steering wheel for monitoring is remember there is a delay from obd to bluetooth, it sucks cause Ipad and Iphones have one that has a direct wire connection obd options for real time readings =\

    also careful with blackberry playbook, I dunno if it's a problem for you, but I live in hot *** hell Florida, and I heard playbooks don't work well in high heat in cars. Just for my tablet I think I'll have to get my front windshield tinted with a clear tint (3m crystalline film) can cut in car heat by little over 20 degrees on hot days. Rest of my windows are tinted already so that's no biggie but front windshield is pretty awful.