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  • best in car tablet apps/widgets

    I'm thinking of replacing my car pc with an android tablet.

    I have a samsung galaxy tab 7" and it would fit perfectly

    so, what do you think are the must have apps and widgets for it?

    I tried winamp, power amp and the stock player for music...they all have widgets but for example only power amp has user friendly playlist management(favorites)

    all in all I would like to make this topic a list of what we think are the best apps and widgets for in car use
    laptop based e46 carpc

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    I have recently added a 7" Tab to my car. It does not replace the head unit, but works in conjunction with it. I have not found a favorite audio app yet, but am currently using Winamp. I also use TXTab to receive text messages from my phone on the tablet. Still working on the best configuration, but seems to be working pretty well so far. I use Waze for gps guidance, it is pretty slick and has user generated traffic and police info. I have Tasker automate several things like starting the music and traffic apps when the tablet is in car mode and has power. I use Car Widget to organize my most used apps, it has a nice large button interface.


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      I use

      1. Xiialive for shoutcasts / Foreign Radio,

      2. Meridian player is probably the best for downloaded music and playlists.

      3. Tasker is awesome, it takes some tweaking to do it perfect, but it is definiately the best app out there. you can set things for instance like when it's put into a car dock it auto wakes up, turn on wifi, after it connects to your phone or internet source it auto opens and starts pandora or any other apps

      It is a paid app and it does have a learning curve to use it, if your not interested in tweaking much, then get number 4.

      4. Power manager full. It's 99 cents and basically it can make it so it stays on 100% of the time without going to sleep when it's charged, and auto sleep in 15 seconds when charging stops. (like when you turn off the car) It can also do things like auto shut off wifi and bluetooth when charging is off, and turning them back on when the car starts. very basic program and easy to use. If it takes you more than 5minutes to learn then kill yourself

      5. Screen off and lock app just an app that gives you a button on the screen to push to put the tab to sleep (remember if your tablet's power button is hidden in dash, you will have to turn your car on and off to get the screen back on, even if you use things like tasker or power manager) This can be remedied by using a ciggerette lighter car charger with a on off switch, Just hack into it if you don't like the look of the switch. one like this

      6. No lock app - this will remove the tablet unlock swipe screen and bring you straight to your main screen of apps and widgets.

      7. Torque app - this allows you to get all the read outs from your OBD bluetooth connector to your car (low as $13 on ebay) it gives you best 1/4 mile times, best 0-60mph, engine coolant temp, and replaces any possible guages you could ever think of.

      8. I <3 radio if you want FM radio (internet streaming music so data plan or tethering is required)

      9. Pdanet + Foxfi this allows your phone to tether your phone (share internet by making it a internet router) without having to root your phone and potentially breaking it.


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        You could also use something like it would allow you more control and a volume knob if you wanted to mount it where it is easy to get to. I have installed one before and it works great it also sounds great.
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