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Eliminating noise in audio from tablet

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  • Eliminating noise in audio from tablet

    Hi guys,

    I know this is a common subject but I couldn't find any thread that addressed my specific problem. I have an Acer Iconia A100 install in my car and I'm having specific noise issues.

    The only connections that the tablet has is audio and power. When the car is turned on and idling, a bit of noise can be heard if the volume of the car's speakers are turned to the max but when the car starts accelerating, the noise is much more evident. The noise is synchronized with the car's revs.

    When the tablet doesn't receive any power from the car (power cable is disconnected) there is no noise whatsoever so the noise must be being introduced by the power adapter that I'm using.

    Power adapter that I'm currently using:

    Any help with this issue?

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    Sounds like a ground loop. A quick fix would be to get a ground loop isolator (radioshack and a bunch of A/V and car shops should carry them) and connect it inline between the tablet and the amp (or the AUX in of the radio if that's what you are using).
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      I have the same problem. A ground loop isolator solved a part of the issue: when audio signal is coming from the tablet, it works perfectly and no noise is heard. But few seconds after pause/stop the music, I got noise like you, going up with car engine. I'm waiting for a power supply filter bought from ebay, I think it will solve the problem completely. I also ordered a better ground loop isolator to try both solutions.
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        I ended up buying this ground loop isolator from Amazon:

        It works like a charm. All the noise is gone!

        @papinist: I haven't tried that specific scenario with my car but I'll let you know if I shows up with or without the isolator


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          I had the same problem with my Iconia A100, dont use the lighter sockets power, the ground for a lighter socket is always terrible in every vehicle, I used the ground from the headunit I deleted and no more sound issues however any good ground will get rid of the alternator whine you're getting.