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My Galaxy Tab install in my Audi TT + problems!

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  • My Galaxy Tab install in my Audi TT + problems!

    Hi everybody!

    I'm a french (sorry for the english) car fan and i bought an 2007 Audi TT last year!

    I had a Audi BNS (Monochrom GPS) installed in that a changed for a Xtrons 7" GPS. The things is that wasn't perfect in using, and i found that an Android tablet was certainly the best thing to put in our car!

    SO! I bought a galaxy tab P1000 (going to put a sim in it in few times, using my phone tethering for the moment), a bike amp (to test) and put everything into an original Audi fascia!

    After some wires raccording and some dremel cutting everything is perfectly in place, but i started having problems with the car charger(s)....

    I had one spare for testing, but the tablet wasn't "refuelling" during use, the GT was using more power when on than the charger was providing

    So i boutgh an official samsung car charger that's perfectly working with the tab EXCEPT, there is an horrible sound coming from the jack while charging

    To resume:

    -with a non-OEM charger there is few parasites, removed with a ground loop isolator but the tab is not charging enough!
    -with the samsung original charger the tablet is charging fine, but there is an horrible sound (seems to be related to the screen, because it's variating when the images displayed are changing) coming from the jack!

    Trying to find a solution, this morning i bought a bluetooth autoradio, but i've got some new issues!!

    The default source of the AR is InLine, i've got to select bluetooth in the sources... Not quite practical when the AR is hidden behind the tablet :/
    But there is no more parasites (hopefully!) using this method...
    And the other problem is that i found that the samsung car adapter was not working anymore if the GT is not connected with the jack!

    If i remove the jack from the AR Inline, the tablet stop charging

    If some of u can help me to have a decent sound, it would be great

    My car:
    Click image for larger version

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    My Tab:
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    Am I the only one having sound problems with the samsung official car charger?


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      Hi mr djé, I'm from Italy so we are neighbor
      I have a galaxy tab installed in my Alfa Romeo GT and have audio noises from the beginning. In my case, official car charger or compatible one does not matter, I have always noise. I plan switching to bluetooth audi otransfer, but without an entire new car stereo! I bought on ebay a simple bluetooth audio receiver that I will connect to the amplifier.

      I'm waiting for that, however you can check it out in my worklog.
      My NEW worklog: coming soon

      Old worklog: 2006 Alfa Romeo GT - Removable In-Dash Android Tablet install (Samsung Galaxy Tab 7")


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        I am looking at your video. what front end was that on the home screen? and what music player was that?

        98 Honda civic
        In-Dash LCD Monitor K-301
        cappuccino EZ3
        256MB PC133
        40GB HD
        Holux GR 213 Sirf Star III GPS
        CNX-P1900 power supply
        Sound Blaster Live USB


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          So it seems that i'm really the only one having crap sound with this sh**ty adapter

          My adapter is defective or the problem is the same for everyone...?

          My frontend is juste Google official "car home" (seems to be the best):

          My music player is Google "Play Music":

          And the GTab got a dpi of 240...

          You're welcome


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            It really sounds like the adapter is defective. I've never had an issue with any charging adapters and functionality of a tablet. I'd give another one a go.


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              No it's not, it's making the same "noise" with others adapters... In fact the noise is from the tablet's screen.

              When i'm touching the screen, or when the screen image is changing the noise is changing too...


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                Hi Mr dje, have you removed the cover on the back of your tablet to do the install? I am currently in the middle of doing a nexus 7 install in my vw corrado and also had the same issues with noise coming off the tablet when using the touch screen. In the back of the tablet there should be shielding that prevents this. I had to remove my back cover in order to fit the tablet in my dash and wired up a rf sheild with aluminum foil. Sound is defiantly gone

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