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speccing a galaxy tab install from scratch

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  • speccing a galaxy tab install from scratch

    I've been lurking around the forums for ages and finally signed up!
    I am looking at a galaxy tab install, currently I have a bad headunit and some terrible door speakers, trying to get my head around exactly what I require to install the tab.
    I have seen a few folk with equalisers in their setup?

    I'm assuming that most people run the audio from the headphone output and use the equaliser to bump it up a bit before hitting the amp?
    I'm also looking at having a central speaker under the dash behind the gear stick, any particular speaker that would be good for that?
    space is quite tight as it's a two seater pickup so need everything to be fairly tidy!

    recommendations would be great on what equipment will be required

    tablet - galaxy 2 seems like a good solid unit and fairly priced?
    equaliser - ?
    amp - ? (doesn't need a lot of juice will only be powering two door speakers a couple of tweeters and maybe a couple of central speakers (no room for other speakers!!)
    power -? (was thinking of getting a car dock and either connecting the power to the existing head unit supply or connecting into the cigarette lighter supply)

    any help would be great

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    Hi the_r_sole,
    I did something similar with the original Galaxy Tab and I think you're on quite the right path. I think the new 7" galaxy tab is a great choice, especially as it supports usb host mode, allowing you to run an external drive to the glove box or elsewhere rather than having to take out the tablet to upload new music. In my case, I opted to use a single din head unit behind the galaxy tab. This allows for steering wheel control, an amp, and equalizer. Although introducing a whole new unit to the mix could add more variables for issues, the benefits outweigh the potential issues. If space in the dash is an issue, all the additional bits can be relocated to more hidden locations like the boot or under a seat.
    Power is fairly easy if you buy a harness for your car. You can then splice in either a broken down DC adapter or even a cigarette lighter outlet for future swaps.
    With enough planning, this is all pretty easy to implement and you'll be incredibly happy with the versatility of a custom android install. Actually, the most difficult part you'll run into will the fabricating a mount for the tablet.
    Best of luck!!!


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      my car is a 25 year old pickup so I don't have things like steering wheel controls to worry about, I'd prefer to have just the tab and nothing else!
      can anyone help me out with what requirements I'm going to have for an amp/eq etc?


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        maybe this thread should be moved into the newbie-proposed set up section of the forum if possible mods? (probably more appropriate!) cheers


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          I guess no one knows then? going to set up a basic install and use my android phone to test it since no seems to be able to suggest how to go about it


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            well, the theory of the system works!
            have installed an amp, and a set of component speakers (6.5" in the doors and tweeters on the dash) and put a power socket in behind the dash
            currently using my old ipod as the source, but volume wise the headphone socket works well and there's very little noise - now i just need to get a tablet and build a bit of dash for it to sit in!
            since the price hasn't dropped on the samsungs at all I am waiting for a bit to see if someone can figure out how to use external storage and still charge a nexus 7...