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  • Nexus 7 install

    Has anyone successfully gotten audio out of the usb connection so they can run to an external source

    its seems the only feasable solution at this time is to run Bluetooth to a separate device

    apparently headphone guys have gotten the usb out of the Galaxy S3 to go to their amps

    if there is a solution for USB--->RCA--->HU/processor--->amps

    i think that would be the best solution right for the more than capable Nexus 7

    This might be an option(
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    I did not attempt to get audio fromt he usb, because in my car installation I wanted the sole N7 usb port to accept 12V/2.1 amps so I don't have to recharge in the house.
    I took audio out from the headphone stereo 3.5mm female port, into the AUX in of my Becker 220 CDR factory stereo. Initially, I considered this less than ideal, but I have come to really like this solution.
    - I control N7 audio with the physical know on the Becker, which is natural and convenient
    - I can switch from the N7 source to the internal Becker FM tuner w/ 1 button
    - The Becker sends the N7 audio to the amp in the front trunk without my having to dick around with wiring.

    I will be curious to see if you can get usb to work for audio out, especially if you can also accommodate usb charging at the same time.


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      from what i've read, it's impossible to have the nexus 7 using the usb port for anything while charging - I looked into it as I wanted to run an external usb drive with all my music on it, but whilst you can do it (with root) it wouldn't charge, so not ideal for my car - there was someone on xda looking at it, but I think it's a hardware limitation rather than software


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        I wouldn't be so quick to say its impossible. Audio over usb while charging seems to be possible based on a dock that is releasing soon from gear 4 (see link below)

        The website states:

        "AlarmDock Connect is the first alarm clock radio for Android that allows you to stream music via USB cable, whilst simultaneously charging your device through the same USB cable. It's the ultimate Android audio accessory and night-time companion for any Android device."
        2011 Tacoma Nexus 7 App Radio Install

        1993 Lincoln town car Carputer Project


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          ok, maybe not impossible, just no one has yet managed it - although seems to be a few in the last few days that have modified the kernel to get this working, maybe by the time I get around to buying a tablet, the nexus 7 will be able to do what i want
          apparently the issue is that the system can only do host mode or charging.... here is a thread with some folk trying...


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            sorry, can't edit my posts as every one needs to be approved for some reason....
            anyway, just a thought if you use a line out it will require some extra volume control for the system, if you use the headphone socket you can use the volume control on the device


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              USB audio is possible as of JB, but google didn't compile the drivers. Hopefully someone will soon. Keep an eye on xda-developers, as they are most likely to do it.

              I am waiting for a pogo dock to do my Nexus 7 install properly. It should allow charging, audio and USB simultaneously. The upside being that as it is contact docking rather than a plug, it is less likely to become loose with constant plugging.

              Using a bluetooth 2.1 receiver at the moment, which is reasonable quality. Not audiophile quality though and the internal DAC on the Tegra chipset is supposed to be rubbish....


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                you can charge while having a USB OTG plugged in.


                it's on CM10, I'd like to have stock ROM with only this piece of code integrated... soon I'm sure.

                one other guy hacked directly inside the tablet to connect power directly, but then he doesn't have a battery anymore.