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Tablet questions - Phone functions (sim copy)/Echo/USB DAC/FLAC etc

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  • Tablet questions - Phone functions (sim copy)/Echo/USB DAC/FLAC etc

    Was looking at sorting a car pc out, but when you start adding up all the costs it seems a tablet is more cost effective if it can do all the bits.

    I read on here that if you get your sim card copied, it'll always use the last connected device, assuming that is correct, has anyone got this going properly? I'm not paying out another monthly bill for internet and another sim I'll hardly use, so if I can copy the phone sim get the data enabled, and the network will switch between the devices when the the tablet is turned on and off. Then that solves the phone issue?

    Now assuming that is working ok, or even to you guys who use the device as a phone in the car via the car speakers, do you run into the same issues as the car pc with requiring echo/noise cancellation devices and so on? If so, is there a solution? Do most tablets have an input for an external microphone?

    Also I've got a simple USB DAC which produces a nice sound and gives a 2 rca output - perfect for amps, I was intending on using it with the car pc. What are the chances it'll work with android? Running off a powered USB hub for example. It didn't come with any drivers, and is plug and play on windows.

    Reason for the DAC is I've put in a bit of effort with the SQ on the stereo, and the main reason for wanting the computer was being able to play FLAC's from a large hard drive store. Which I assume there isn't any issues with running a hard drive from a decent usb hub assuming it has its own power supply?

    Now with the GPS, is there an option to say store the maps on an sd card so it wouldn't need an internet connection? What software would allow this?

    Edit found the answer to the last one - "GPS Nav - Sygic, Navigon, and Copilot - All three of these have onboard maps, meaning I don't have to waste data from my 2GB AT&T when driving around. Still trying to decide which one I like best. Google navigation is great but the maps are downloaded over 3g as you drive around."

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    Hi Qwerty. Did you manage to find answers to the other questions?
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