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Finishing up my Android System Purchases....

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  • Finishing up my Android System Purchases....

    Inspired by mp3 car, I'm ditching my Pioneer 4000DVD head unit (which has blown a pico fuse causing one RCA out not to work), and opting for an Android install. I've also been a fan of having a computer in the car, since I'm a Windows OS nut, but Android seems more practical. I've read and viewed dozens of threads and youtube videos, so I'll list my parts list here, and anything you think you can add to help me along, please post it. Thanks.

    Car: Dodge Magnum

    Current Setup
    • Head Unit - Pioneer P4000DVD
    • Front Components - Alpine SPS 610C
    • Rear Speakers - Kenwood 6x9's
    • Subwoofers - (2) Alpine 1243D
    • Ported Enclosure
    • Hifonics TXI6006
    • Hifonics BXI 2008D
    • Deka 9a34
    • 9" Flip Down Monitor
    • Custom Switch Panel (bass control knob, amp power, park brake switch, last one not being used)

    What I've Bought:
    • Acer A100 8GB
    • Clarion EQS746
    • Samgsung Class10 32GB MicroSD

    The head unit will be completely replaced.
    The Tablet will run audio from the headunit jack to the Pac LC1 (currently bass knob) to function as the volume control gain, which will go into the input for the Clarion EQ. To my knowledge, the A100 is powered by a plug, not usb, so I'll put a power inverter in my car to plug it in. The inverter may be wired to the last switch in my custom switch plate. I don't plan to do custom fabrication to my cars bezel, so the EQ will be mounted in the center console. I may need to buy a ground loop thing to stop any noise if I get it. I already have a .50 second delay wired near the amp to stop the popping noise.

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    Sounds like you have a good start.

    You're going to want to consider a second volume knob, possibly from a line driver, or rca line knob, you can control volume with the pad itself but thats kind of a pain in the ***, swiping the screen for volume.

    Take a shot of your dash.

    If you have room for a 1/2 din EQ that would be the way to go.

    Matter of fact, where all your switches are right now is probably the best location, those switches can be easily put anywhere but the eq necessarily cant be.