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Porsche Cayenne Android Tablet Install

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  • Porsche Cayenne Android Tablet Install

    Sup guys, been lurking your forum for awhile.

    The 7" Tablet has certainly changed ideas on the best advanced way to install multimedia into your car.

    So far I bought the Galaxy tab 2 7.0" and my double din dash kit.

    I'm having my installer do it, but Im doing a lot of the leg work as far as research and equipment and exactly how I want it done, Im an electronics and audio phile so I enjoy that, but he will actually install it.

    Here are the pics with the double din kit and tablet.

    I think the fit will look great, I just need to grab a standard double din trim bezel and permanently attach it to the kit.

    Here's what my factory dash looks like.

    Click image for larger version

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    I'll keep you guys in the loop as I am actively involved in having this installed

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    Thanks for the post! Keep us up dated with install pics and final sets of software you're using.


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      Thanks man, It will be using 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich... sort of dont want to upgrade to Jellybean Because I want flash... Ill keep you guys posted!


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        are you just playing music that is on the tab or do you have any other way of playing from external media etc?
        I'm looking at a similar instal but my major stumbling block is that I don't live in an area where cloud streaming is possible and no tabs seem to be able to access an external hd and charge at the same time, so trying to figure out alternatives until some clever person figures out how to get the samsung tab or nexus working with usb charging and host.
        been mucking about with my android phone and currently got it using poweramp to play music from my nas (using mount manager) but not sure if I can find the right hardware to do this in car...


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          Right now the music will play from the tab.

          Although at this very second I am looking at an intermediate bluetooth cd player to put somewhere remotely... this will give me the soundquality, bluetooth tablet > Cd Player > Amps.... I can remotely control volume through steering wheel controls if I have a cd player somewhere and it will sound better than headphone jack out straight to amps. So at this very moment Im looking at cd player or anything else bluetooth as an option for music out.
          Right now I have galaxy tab 2, 16gb internal and 32gb sd card, so I have 50gbs... Its also 4g and I have the sirius xm app so Id be good to go there..


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            Hey! This is exactly the project I've had on my mind. Please post updates as you make progress because I'm looking to do the exact same thing in my Cayenne. I have an '05 with the PCM 2.1 system, which looks exactly like what you've got in the reference picture. Which double din kit did you end up purchasing?


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              Whats up kys? You on 6speed forums or renntuning?

              On sonic theres three different double din kits... I bought the cheapest one, they all look to be the same face but the two more expensive ones just come with mounting hardware and wiring which I need none of since I wont be mounting a standard double din radio.

              My shop suggested taking the entire fascia of the Cayenne, which includes the upper and lower buttons and taking the double din kit and basically fiberglassing it all together, sanding it down and painting it... So that its one big smooth color matching piece.

              So theres that option, or just fabricating the tablet to mount behind the double din kit I just bought, and not make one huge single piece.... I ordered the ebay kit that includes the entire front fascia with the buttons... im going to examine both and see which would be the best scenario for the cayenne.

              Ill be in touch, that piece should be here Monday or Tuesday... Its on Ebay for around 90 bucks, you should be able to find it to see what Im talking about.

              Other than that, Im trying to still find the best audio out solution, did you see my other thread in here about DLNA?


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                i bought and am waiting for a uebo 200 to arrive. its a dlna server with internal hdd and usb host and clients ports. you should check it out.


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                  any updates on this


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                    Welp after a year! I decided to take the plunge.

                    Using a CD player as the main HUB for the stereo I found was the best way to do it, so I removed the lower ashtray, widened the gap, and my shop installed a nice Kenwood.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20131121_164445_zpsc6881031.jpg
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                    They are now installing the subwoofer fiberglass box, I will make a youtube video review in about a week.