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New Idea for AUDIO/VIDEO out of Tablets into aftermarket Stereo

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  • New Idea for AUDIO/VIDEO out of Tablets into aftermarket Stereo


    You primarily have 3 options.

    1) Headphone jack to RCA cable.

    Not exactly the most ideal. In this case you have a a jack that is able to spin loose and move around. Even if you secure it, with this option, you are now relying on the sound quality and output power of $300 tablet. While it may not be bad, it's not ideal... Tablets are built to give you an on the go enjoyable experience but by no means do they have the audio processors of mobile audio.

    2) Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

    A bit better, now you have less wires, but there's the rumored "Thump" when the device turns on through your stereo system. Also, bluetooth is primarily super compressed audio, which is why it works.

    3) DLNA

    Digital Living Network Alliance

    For around $150 bucks, you can buy a DNLA Media server such as the Wester Digital Media Hub, 1tb storage, and allows you to WIRELESSLY stream UNCOMPRESSED audio and video from any DNLA compliant device, which is any newer Android Tablet or Phone. It comes with standard or HD audio video outputs to go directly to your amps.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	WDTV_Live_Hub_page_comp900_6.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	WDTV_Live_Hub_page_comp900_7.jpg
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    Now, this works THROUGH a wifi access point, so you need a wireless router in your car.

    Don't be worried.

    In comes...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	41HwGnnq-2L.jpg
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    Worlds smallest mobile router, for around $30 on Amazon. 150MPS.

    So for around $200, you have a wireless fully uncompressed way of wirelessly streaming your content to your amps and to headrest your TVs, not too mention an added 1TB of storage.

    Oh and I forgot, the western digital media hub has an APP on both the Apple app stpre and the Google play store allowing you to access the files and play them from your device.


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    I like the sound of this, at the moment I have ipod to amp via rca - which is fine as it's in an old diesel pickup, so hardly the quietest thing!
    however, looking at installing a tab and need some kind of network storage, my only issues are with powering all these things on 12v, the start up times associated with network drives and tethering internet when you have an in car wifi network...


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      It seems a good idea.. I don't like bluetooth audio streaming and I'm planning to add a wifi router into my car,so it seems the best it possible to view video on tablet screen and send the audio wirelessly to the WD?I'm afraid about streaming lags..


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        I know you can send audio through dnla without losing the tablet screen, video i have not tested yet.

        Also one other flaw with this setup is not EVERY app supports it... Your stock music and video player will, however I have the sirius xm app and I see nowhere to use dnla... However headphone jack and bluetooth audio will work with all audio out of your device, but dnla allows digital highdef wireless video out.

        Pick your poison... Maybe having both is the way to go, or even all 3.


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          This is interesting. The issue is will ALL audio be routed over the DLNA? I think it would be only media files not things like Navigation


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            Originally posted by dcplaya View Post
            This is interesting. The issue is will ALL audio be routed over the DLNA? I think it would be only media files not things like Navigation
            Thats the real issue..otherway it would be perfect..Things like navigation,YouTube, games,etc will not route audio to dlna I suppose..
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              Yeah, it won't work with some apps after some research.

              BUT, this could be a GREAT second hand feature you could use. After all if you launch your music or your video player, you can get uncompressed HD audio/video out.

              Before there really wasn't a way to get video out of the tablets AND charge it at the same time..

              So I would consider this an add-on feature.


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                has anyone tried out one of these routers?
                I'm interested if it would be possible to connect my android phone as a modem via usb to it, seems there are compatibility issues with some uk dongles, but just wonder if you could get this working with pdanet or some other tethering app?


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                  I read this the other day and didn't really get the idea at that time.

                  However, this finally starting to sink in!
                  And makes a hell of a lot of sense!

                  I just say a wd tv and was wondering what is the benefit/difference between a media server and a HD that has wifi?
                  Lol, yes, I get it that they're different devices but how would they be different a car situation?

                  Note: I'm want to do something different than installing a carpc. Meaning I'm more interested in using a tablet (either OS).