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Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0"

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  • Anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0"

    I just tried some testing last night in my house, and I took a headphone jack to RCA cable, and plugged the tablet into the front inputs of my home theater and played around with some music. Everytime I either change tracks, click stop, click play, or start another audio service such as Pandora I would get a "thump" through the speakers.... I tried plugging it into my big screen as well to make sure it wasnt just the Receiver... it also did it on the TV. What the heck is that? Ive only had it for 7 days, I can still return it... does anyone else have any kind of problem like this?

    I still haven't decided how I will go about with audio output, but if I decided to go the headphone jack route, I dont like that at all... Im trying to figure out if they all do that or it is just mine. Does anyone else get this thump when clicking play stop change tracks or anything else?

    Im assuming it wouldnt do this through bluetooth and it's some kind of feedback using the headphone jack but Im not sure.