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  • Bluetooth audio receiver

    I currently have a bluetooth audio receiver to connect my tablet to the aux on my head unit, but have a couple of problems.

    If I listen to music and sat-nav it's fine, but if I only use the sat-nav it cuts the audio between instructions, and takes so long to cut back in, that I miss half of the next instruction.

    The unit turns off if nothing is connected for a few minutes, so every time I get in the car, I have to turn it on (it is powered by an internal battery, but charging all the time).

    Does anyone have experience of one that stays on all the time and won't mute if there is no audio for a few minutes?

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    Found this in the end:
    Logitech wireless speaker adapter for bluetooth audio devices

    Comes with a mains AC adaptor, but runs off 5V 0.5A, so cut the end off a USB cable and wired to a 1.7mm/4.0mm DC plug and can power off USB hub in the car!

    Stays on all the time it is powered with auto on when the power comes on (ignition), and doesn't fade sound if no audio for a few minutes, so great for sat-nav!