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samsung galaxy tablet 2 dock

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  • samsung galaxy tablet 2 dock

    does anybody know if there is a dock that fits samsung tablet 2 p3110 not to bothered about hdmi just need charging and headphone out please help asap

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    Pretty sure this the one I bought. Have to cut 2 tabs off that prevent the tab 2 from sitting g on charger. Took me 1 minute to cut them out.


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      cheers but they wont ship to uk


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        just bought this will post on here if it works


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          does not work


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            This is the one that I got for my galaxy tab 2 7.0. It charges your tab and plays audio out through the audio out port at the same time. I assume thats why you wanted it? I picked mine up at best buy here in the USA because I was too impatient to wait for it if I bought it online but you can find it online too.


            The model number on the bottom of my dock is edd-d100be.

            Heres an amazon uk link to it:

            Dont be alarmed that it only says its for galaxy tab. The box that mine came in says the same thing but I was assured that it worked fine, and it does. The Samsung site also states that it works.