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    I have lurked around this site for a while even though this is my first post. This forum has helped me with a previous CarPC in a previous car. I am trying to install my Galaxy Tab since it seems to be a cheaper solution. I have 2 questions for anyone who has gone this route already.

    My first question is:
    Is there a way to interface with a vehicles steering wheel controls? I remember reading where a guy was able to tie in an older PlayStation 3 controller and an arduino board but I can't find where I read it. It could even be on this site... lol But I the problem I see with that is each vehicle is different when it comes to the way they transmit their control signals. So I thought of using something like Pac-Audio's SWI-X to turn them into an IR Signal. Then the problem is getting those signals from IR to Bluetooth or USB. (Don't know if USB is possible for this tablet because of the port on it)

    My second question is:
    If it comes down to where I have to use an aftermarket head unit in order to get steering wheel controls to work, does anyone know of a head unit that has the following features:

    1. Single Din
    2. Steering Wheel Controls
    3. 3 Sets of Pre-Outs (Front, Rear, Sub) [Higher Voltage the better]
    4. Preferably Pioneer or if need be Sony since I already have Pac-Audio's SWI-PS installed
    5. Bluetooth (This is the main one: The capability to use multiple devices as different sources at the same time. Ex: Samsung Galaxy Tab set to Bluetooth Audio only, Droid Razr Maxx set to Bluetooth Handsfree Calling) [I currently have a Pioneer AVIC-x920Bt installed. I can select which kind of Bluetooth profile to use. (Handsfree, Audio, or both) I don't know if 2 devices can be used at the same time since I haven't received the Tab yet to test it. I get it tomorrow so I will test it then. I want to replace it with a single din since its a waste to have that in there if the only thing I'm using is the Bluetooth. Plus it will be easier to hide a single din if I decide to fab the tab into the dash. I probably won't do that until I get a tab 2 though.]

    Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

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    I am using the headunit that comes with the car so the steering controls will work but hiding the head unit behind all the heater panel could you not do this


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      I'm thinking I'm going to have to do that since handsfree calling can't be sent through to the tablet. Since I can't find head unit that allows 2 bluetooth devices to be connect at once, I'm planning on getting a single din head unit for bluetooth audio and a Parrot add on for handsfree.


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        I have a pioneer deh p9400bh and a galaxy tab 7 inch in the dash. They can both connect at the same for audio and phone for phone functions. You can also use a program called tablet talk if u have android. It works pretty cool. The pioneer is a great head unit too. Never liked pioneer but it has all the pre outs and functions I needed.

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          So with the p9400bh if ur playing Bluetooth audio from the tablet, u still receive bluetooth hands free calls from ur phone? I just want to verify before I buy one. I found one on eBay for $150. I have tablet talk but it doesn't pass through voice calls. I'd rather have pioneer since I already have the steering control adapter for it. It supports Sony too but I hate Sony with their exaggerated power outputs. I prefer jvc since they are easier to control IMO. I guess it really doesn't matter since u don't have to control anything much since the steering controls can do it all. I'll have to see if I can remap a button to answer a call tho


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            Yes it works good that way. And I've used tablet talk on the same setup too

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              Anyone here want to give my app a spin?


              You will need to jump through a few hoops first though

              You should have a 30-pin iPod/iPhone interface in your head unit + an Android 4.0.3 device with USB OTG (Nexus 7, Galaxy s3, Tab etc) + build your own DIY cable.
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                Steering wheel controls work flawlessly with USB host+RC Joycon programmable circuit board. Media controls and extra controls work perfectly. Even advanced UI controls can be setup in android's input conf files.
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