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Panasonic Toughpad in RAM 1500

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  • Panasonic Toughpad in RAM 1500

    Hey guys,

    Long time no post.

    I have a new Toughpad coming in the mail that will be here tomorrow. Long story short below:

    Been using a CF-29 Toughbook with a PDRC screen in my truck(s) for about 6+ years now with Mobile impact and I'm ready for a MAJOR upgrade. Pics of what I have now are here: - The last 2 pics show the Toughbook under the seat and the screen. As I've said, it's been GREAT with no issues at all for 6+ years.

    Going forward I have decided to mount a Toughpad in there instead of my new CF-19 Toughbook with Centrafuse because it's easier, thinner, lighter and has better battery life.

    I will be mounting it all up with Gamber and Johnson hardware since it's high end and I know it works well because I have it mounted in my boat now too.

    Long story short: Which front end do you recomend and why? Requirements and info below on my new tablet:

    Android 4.0
    1.2GHz Dual core
    1GB RAM
    16G on-board and a 32GB chip in the mail for music and maps
    Verizon 4G LTE service will be on it

    What I need to be able to do with it:
    1) 19.8GB of music to run internally
    2) *VERY IMPORTANT* Internal music MUST NOT BE DISPLAYED VIA ID3 TAGS!!!! Must be folder structure names since that's perfect already!
    3) Pandora
    4) Weather
    5) Independent GPS (Not the cellular driven maps). Going to use PC Navigator Free
    6) Movie times

    Any tips or opinions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys!
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    Nothing from anyone???

    Come on guys!


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      Well so far peeps are looking for or hoping for a frontend for android, most likely why no one has responded. SNO


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        in fact android is already developed for touch , so why look for a frontend , you can also look for another rom for your android device.

        look here for more info on customizing your android device:
        View my worklog here