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Samsung Galaxy Tab Aux Issues

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Aux Issues

    I've done quite a bit of research on this site as well as others and have finally taken the plunge and installed a Samsung Galaxy Tab (P3113 - Rooted) into my E46.

    I utilized the OEM headunit, with aux input, which I relocated near the glovebox so that I can keep the Steering Wheel Controls.

    Now the issue I run into is, whenever I plug in the USB charger, the Aux option disappears from the head unit, no sound would come out of the headphone jack, where the Aux cable is connect.

    Whenever I unplug the USB from the power source, the AUX comes right back.

    Any help or insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    does it not have a setting so that when you plug in it charges only ,if not i am sure tasker app will help


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      Thanks for the update, I tried a few thinks with tasker but it doesn't help. I've found a solution in which I have to put 2 Cap and a Resistor on the AUX cable to enable charging and playing simultaneously.