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  • Few questions

    I have a few questions regarding Android tablets in the car. I was thinking of resurrecting my Car PC project and with the number of tablets available now Android may be a worthwhile path to take.

    I know nothing about Android, I use a BlackBerry phone and never really bothered with tablets so hopefully these questions don't seem too silly.

    1) Auto power on/off - are there power supplies or other interfaces that are able to power the tablet on and off automatically with the car?
    2) "Front-end" functionality - is it possible to have media controls remain persistent on the screen while an app such as Google maps is up?
    3) Sirius - I have a Sirius subscription. Is there any satellite hardware available or some sort of interface between Sirius hardware and USB for the tablet? I know there's a Sirius app, but I don't pay for satellite radio only to use up cellular data streaming it. I'd require a satellite receiver of some sort.

    I have a fair chunk of change invested in my Windows hardware and display, and with the exception of mediocre navigation apps, the front-end functionality with satellite radio is there.


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    I have my tablet on the power supply constantly. Switching on the ignition pulls in a resistor across two of the pins which in turn triggers a tasker profile. This profile activates screen, resumes music etc

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