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My Nexus7 install into Audi B5 RS4

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  • My Nexus7 install into Audi B5 RS4

    Hi guys, thought i'd share this with you after stumbling on the forum again whilst searching to some answers to software issues, it's been a while since i've played with this kind of stuff but here goes -

    Click image for larger version

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    the stock stereo in my RS4 was state of the art in 2001, satnav, 6 disc changer, "big" LCD screen, TV!! anyway, 13 years on and it's not aged well, as with any technology i guess, Analogue TV has been turned off in my area, CD's have gone in way of MP3's etc, so i figured it was time to have another go at building a carPC (of sorts)

    the first logical upgrade idea was to go for an RNS-E, but checking out what was available, my OCD couldn't cope with the panel gaps you get with some, and if i was going to modify a head unit i'd not want to spend 4-500

    the next option was to go to aftermarket double DIN, but i felt that all the options out there looked a little clumsy and didn't look at all OEM

    so then i got hunting round on here and found this thread -

    Ipad mini dash install, by the 10th page, feeling inspired i pulled out the old head unit and fired up some CAD software and got measuring

    for all the work the guy did in the above thread fitting his, i wanted something a little less drastic, hopefully the ipad mini would fit into the original slot...which it didn't, there's 120mm between switch panel and heater panel, the ipad mini measures in at 134.

    the hunt was on to find a tablet that fitted the bill, i must have spent most of an evening hunting out specs of all the current and past market tablet widths, until i found that the very latest (released a couple of weeks ago) nexus was perfect at 114mm wide (it was the first tablet i checked after the ipad, but the previous model was 121mm wide so i instantly discredited it)

    so with a model made, i got onto a friend of a friend with a laser cutter who made me up the panel. the only issue being he wanted a minimum order of 6 (so i have spare should anyone else wish to consider doing something similar )

    didn't particularly like the gloss, but it was a material he already had so figured i could always wrap it....

    (i have grubby hands)

    so with that out the way it was time to buy the tablet,

    fitted the panel nicely!

    and with a bit of tissue and excellent balancing skills i loosely placed it in the giant hole in my dash

    there's some more behind the scenes stuff i'll fill in later when i have access to the pictures, but essentially i made a steel backing that bolted to some original locations, then took the back off the nexus and drilled 3 holes and attached some magnets which stick to the steel backing. i have a sucker to pull the tablet away from the backing although that's as far as i've got, i came on here to research some software options i have for turning the device on and off etc.

    i made a small wiring loom that connects the stock ISO plugs to the a DC/DC charger and the headphone socket which connects to the existing OEM Bose stereo that's in the car already

    Click image for larger version

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    Nice clean solution! Great job SNO


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      Wow, lovely simple setup! Glad the Bose system didn't require you to do audio gymnastics to interface with the amp.
      I'm looking at doing a similar setup in my Camry. Will have to install an amp under the seat, much like my previous car PC.

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        Really looking forward to more info, like how are you driving the speakers and adjusting volume? I have a b5s4 and this thread is very relevant to my interests.


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          took it out earlier for a software update so figured i'd take some pictures

          these are the magnets (ignore the tape, it's there to hold the vinyl down

          this is the loom, essentially an autoleads pc9-410 with the amp remote turn on bridged back into the igntion live

          the igntion live and earth run off to a 12v->5v converter which i soldered to a micro-USB plug that plugs into the nexus

          as for audio, the line inputs for the amp go to a pair of splitters to join the front and rear channels, and then an RCA->3.5mm jackplug which connects to the Nexus!

          further down the line i might experiment with a DAC, but the sound quality is OK for now

          completely plug and play, i didn't have to modify any of the original car or loom and can revert it all back to standard by unbolting and unplugging things


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            Volume is adjusted on the device,

            since that post i fitted a ground loop isolator as when it was charging there was some noise introduced into the system

            also work mentioning that i bridged the 2 data cables on the micro USB cable to give me the "AC" charging shown in the battery info screen, it holds full charge now even with everything running, full screen brightness etc


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              Hi! Please write sizes made ​​frame.


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                Hi! Please write sizes made ​​frame.