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it's 2017 - what is the best android tablet for car install these days?

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  • it's 2017 - what is the best android tablet for car install these days?

    I am using Nexus 7 2012 for my car install for 4+ years now (with Timur's USB-ROM). It works fine, in general.
    The weak spot is the USB connector. After a while it stops functioning right, causing charging problems, USB audio disconnecting, etc.
    I am on my 3rd Nexus now. After 18 months or so, the first one developed the above mentioned USB problems. Tried to fix with mixed results but eventually it would only charge but the data would not go through at all. Replaced with a refurb.
    On my 2nd (and 3rd) install I made sure that the USB connection was permanent and rigid.
    Worked well for another 18 months or so and then just died (black screen). 3 months ago replaced it with another refurb (they are harder and harder to find for a reasonable price). Worked well until a couple of days ago - USB problems again. I'll probably be able to fix this and it would run for a few months but eventually it will die (it's a refurb and 4 years old).

    I don't want to replace it with another Nexus 2012. Want to try something newer/better.

    My question: what is the current best tablet for a car install?

    What I need is:
    -- 7 inch
    -- OTG with charging
    -- USB host (for hubs, etc)
    -- USB audio support
    -- JoyCon support
    -- Go to deep sleep on power OFF
    -- Wake up on power ON

    Any input will be greatly appreciated,
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    Anyone? Looks like this forum is not quite alive no more... Is there an alternative? Anyone?


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      Been using t's mod a few years now, Just upgraded to his latest with 6.x and still love it. I have 0 issues with usb on my n7, His mode only works with that tablet and I'm pretty sure no other software competes. I have two tablets and both work great. One has a cracked screen that dopes not really cause an interference with the digitizer. I would hate to part with it as I like the back up... but may consider. Shocking they are so hard to find?
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      UMPC built in to dash.

      Winamp, game emulators, Touchpad built in to car, DVD player built in to dash, GPS gamrmin moble pc. IR remote for use of a remote control. ps2 supper mini keyboard for when needed.