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My new netbook, Intel Classmate PC, MiniReview

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  • My new netbook, Intel Classmate PC, MiniReview

    I have been playing with this netbook for about 5 days and I am impressed,
    its tough, fast except for games, well made, and easy to use

    I got the "MPC TXTbook" A.K.A "Intel Classmate PC Clamshell" A.K.A

    Here are the specifications

    CPU = ATOM N270 1.6GHz Processor
    Chipset = Intel 945GSE
    Video = Intel GMA 950
    Sound = Realtek ALC662
    Memory = 1GB DDR2-533
    Hard Drive = 30GB 1.8" 4200RPM PATA, SAMSUNG HS030GB
    WebCam = 640x480 @ 30fps
    LCD = 8.9" @ 1024 x 600
    Networking = 10/100 Ethernet and 802.11b/g wireless
    Removable Media = MMC, SD, SDHC
    Power Supply = 20V @ 2A
    Ports = Two USB, RJ-45, Mic In, Headphone out
    Size = 1.6 x 9.4 x 10 in inches H x W x D
    Weight = 2.8 pounds
    3Dmark2003 Score = 695
    PCmark05 CPU Score = 1483
    Quake 3, Timedemo "four.dm_68" = 50FPS @ 1024 x 600

    I have an installed an Nlite-ed Windows XP, boot times are around 30
    to 45 seconds, and I have done no boot tweaking yet, but also its a
    slow Hard Disk

    Here is a list of software I have installed so far

    ---AntiVirus AntiSpyware---

    ---Cleaning and Tweaking---
    Tweak UI


    ---File Tools---

    BeJeweled 2 Deluxe
    Bejeweled Twist
    Mahjongg Master 5
    Peggle Deluxe
    SimCity 2000
    Unreal Tournament 99
    Quake 3
    Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

    FireFox, with AddBlock and NoScript



    Foxit Reader

    Likes Dislikes

    One thing I like a lot about this netbook, is that it treats SD/SDHC cards
    and thumb drives like hard drives,

    Another thing I like, is that the entire laptop is made of a thick hard
    plastic with some of it having a rubber like texture, the gray looking
    parts, and its got a handle

    The touchpad works better than the one on my Compaq v3000z

    LCD brightness it pretty good, but I don't think it would fair well in
    full sun, - going to test tomorrow, upload pics

    What I don't like is that the harddrive is only running at 30MB/sec,
    only 2 USB ports, and no bluetooth

    Its time for some pics

    and the keyboard

    Top - with cover

    Bottom - with cover - blanked out Windows CD Key

    Top - without cover - "Velcro"

    Bottom - without cover - blanked out Windows CD Key, serial numbers

    Later on when I have time, money, I will test a bluetooth
    GPS and mouse on it

    I am thinking
    "IOGear Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter"
    "Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000"
    "Holux M-1000"

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    Is this cheap, like very cheap? Because the Asus offerings IMO are quite a bit better, I think the 8.9" version still runs on 12v! Also that Classmate would deffo be the ugly kid in the corner :S lol


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      Originally posted by TheGuv View Post
      Is this cheap, like very cheap? Because the Asus offerings IMO are quite a bit better, I think the 8.9" version still runs on 12v! Also that Classmate would deffo be the ugly kid in the corner :S lol
      I got it for $250, one of the reasons I got it was that its made tough, my
      Compaq v3000z and the EeePC that I have had time to look over and hold
      in my hands, I felt like could squeeze real hard with my thumb and fingers
      and break them, there just paper thin plastic, the Classmate is made to be
      some what drop-proof and has a water-resistant keyboard

      I keep hearing ugly, pretty, or sexy when referring to computers
      that's most illogical - But I do like how the Classmate looks,
      and the design works well when your holding and using it

      As far at speed and such, 90% of netbooks have the exact same
      chips, there all running Atom CPUs, Intel GMA 950 video, and so
      on, the only difference would be a larger hard drive, and extra USB
      port, and VGA out


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        I took out in the sun and even underground in my storm shelter,
        outside the wireless worked perfect, in the storm shelter I lost
        wireless, but that's to be expected LOL

        Here it is with the worst possible glare from the sun

        and for the most readable

        I went inside and went to the CBS website and watched a little
        Star Trek, seamed to be a little jumpy at first for a few
        seconds but then played fine even full screen as did Hulu,
        so online video is not a problem even on wireless

        The only problem is that the sound is a little low, I am guessing
        its low to keep kids from disturbing the class, protect there ears,
        but even with headphones, and on its highest volume setting, it
        just barely hurts my ears, if you have hearing loss or are used
        to loud sounds the volume from the speakers and even
        headphones may not be enough


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          I opened up the back - and its got DDR2-667 memory installed

          and zoom

          The hard drive is a tad funky, never seen a 1.8" one before, its got
          a little of rubber padding around the edges

          I am going to upgrade the memory later on

          Nintendo 64 emulators work well on this


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            I found a nice Sleeve that fits the classmate perfect the

            "Mobile Edge Sumo 12" Black Nylon Laptop Sleeve"

            its made for Apple's 12 PowerBook/iBook, so maybe other
            sleeves made for non wide-screen 12" laptops would fit

            I also got a Cirago BTA-3210 bluetooth adapter and the
            Microsoft Bluetooth Laser Mouse 5000, seams to work
            well, now I just need to get a Bluetooth GPS adapter

            BTW I am using an old Xbox Controller, S series, and a USB dongle
            for the emulators, the game pad drivers are freely available on the