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Extending LCD monitor cable on EeePC?

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  • Extending LCD monitor cable on EeePC?

    How difficult is it to extend the LCD monitor to motherboard cable on an Asus Eee PC 701?

    It is the cable in the upper right of this image:

    Borrowed from

    It looks to me to be more of a round cable, which should be somewhat easier to splice and solder than a flat ribbon.

    The reason I'm asking is that I'm no longer sure that my Eee PC will fit perpendicular behind the dash into a double din slot as originally planned.
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    Hi mate,
    I am also doing the same thing with my eee pc and I wonder whats the best way to extend the cable...
    I dont know if you have already tried to unplug the cable and take a closer look of it, but I did.
    There are 24 lines .. or cables I dont know how exactly to explain it
    and there are of a strange type .. like I dont know whats the material but it is hard do solder
    There is a computer store in my town that offers a construction of such things like cables or DC-DC power supply and stuff like this. So I'll maybe try them first and if there is no success I will try to solder it myself
    Good luck


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      i found that the best way to extend this is cable is: DON'T it is incredibly tedious and sensitive to any mistake... plus those wires are like hairs from what I've heard...

      basically, I was able to do my install without messing with the cable, by just getting creative with the mounting position. check out the link in my sig for details... also, over on forums there is a thread or two about the same subject, with the title "extend vga cable" or similar in the the hacks and mods section i think... let me know if you can't find them... or it looks like the 900 series might have a slightly longer cable, which should be available on ebay. this may help if you only need an inch or so... plus, i cut a new opening into the metal cover under the keyboard, to give it even more slack...
      COMPLETED! 02 VW Golf TDI 7" Eee PC Budget Build


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        Yes mate thanks for the information
        I've already figured out that it is extremely hard to do the job
        And I've checked the threads you are talking about in the - still no success
        I am now considering to put my eeepc "mainboard" begind the LCD .. with the original cable.. I hope I will be able to post pictures soon.
        Good luck