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Dell Inspiron 8100 power button question

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  • Dell Inspiron 8100 power button question

    Hey guys. quick question. i've been looking at the ways to solder on a switch to my power button on my inspiron. i've seen all the switches and diagrams on but my switch is slightly different. I'm not sure exactly how or where i'd solder wires so that i can run a power button up to my dash.

    This is what the board looks like:

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    Have you condidered picking up one of the docking stations cheap for the dell laptops? I got mine for 13 bucks and it was easy to solder the power button and required no hacking into the actual laptop.

    Not to mention it gives you more usb plugs, a dvi and parallel port to play with.
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      ^^^^ that is exactly what I did with my Inspiron 8600. Also makes it easy to remove the laptop if you need to like if you were to take it into the house and transfer some new media onto it, or just use it in general as a backup computer.
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        I am using a Dell inspiron 1100. it seems the picture u have posted is the switch board. in mine i have removed the switch circuit board and installed wires into the socket that the switch board. usually there is a bunch of holes so you have to use a wire to jump the connections to see which will power on the laptop.