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I'm almost ready to get started with my D630

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  • I'm almost ready to get started with my D630

    So I've been hovering around the forums for several weeks now. I'm about ready to have my monitor installed (I'm not too comfortable with the fab that will be necessary to get my 7" TS Xenarc in my '01 Solara). I've got an old D630 lying around. It's got 2 gigs of RAM, I've ordererd a new battery and a spare battery to go in the CD Slot. I've got a 256GB SSD (Crucial V4). I'm trying to decide whether or not I can and whether or not I should use the docking station. I've got a CNX-P1900 PSU. As best I can figure, I'll need to wire the PSU up directly to the battery and take the 20V main output and connect it to a power cable I'm going to chop up and use the end that connects to the laptop and strip the wire on the other end (cut on the PC side of the power brick) into either the Dock or the PC itself. Is that right? I'm also going to run power to the monitor from the secondary output of the PSU from the trunk up to the monitor so I'll have clean, regulated power going to both. (At some point I'll get the adapter to hook up the tertiary 5v output to power a USB hub). I have a couple of questions:
    1) Does it sound like I've got the power setup correct?
    2) Any thoughts on the docking station? It's awfully big and bulky and the only reasons I can think of to use it is because it would make the power switching easier and so I could use a better sound card. I like the idea of 6 channels with 2 of them being the bass split into 2 ranges, one for each woofer. I'll be getting a 2-channel amp to go along with the 4-channel I currently have (2 channels running my front 4 speakers and 2 channels bridged mono for my woofers). Still, I'm not sure it's worth it to lose the extra room in my trunk. It's already quite small with the woofer box in there and the PSU + PC are going to be taking up a good amount of room already. I likely won't be taking it out very often, so I'm fine with having to hook up the power and USB whenever I put it in there.
    3) Step 1 is A/V, I'll want my music library and podcasts (which I plan on updating nightly over wifi). Step 2 is GPS and step 3 is XM. Any thoughts on the easiest way to accomplish steps 2 and 3?

    I'm going to post this in the forum for underway projects, but wanted to get the take of Dell owners on the laptop specific questions.