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  • My Idea for power source

    Going go be using a laptop in the Z and I will need it to be portable so I can tune the car. This is my idea to power it. I was going to cut off the AC to DC converter and run it straight to a 12v power source that is on when the car is running. Then the other end will just plug into the laptop and I would be able to move the laptop in and out of the space easily.

    I would have it go into hibernation when the power is shut off to save the battery. What do you guys think? Good idea? Is there an easier way?

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    May cause problems...

    There is no easier way than how you described. However, the cars electrical system can vary wildly from 9-16+ volts depending on conditions, i.e. cranking the engine, high-speed driving, load of other accessories, etc. This may be harmful to your laptop.

    I just wired a Kensington DC-DC adaptor to my car's 12V line, using a relay that is connected to the ignition switch, allowing me to control on/off power to the laptop.