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  • Laptop Power Question

    I have a 17" Laptop that has a broken charging circuit.

    It won't charge from the mains, and it won't run off the mains. Whilst trying to recover the data I found out I could remove the battery and directly wire 12 volts to two of the pins and it ran perfectly for a fair few hours.

    My only problem was how hot the cable got between the battery and the laptop. I initialy used a fag lighter plug with the cable which came on it (think it was off a tyre pump) the wire got warm to the touch and eventually the solder melted in the fag lighter plug and the wires dropped off. I then used crocidile clips which improved things but the wire was still warm.

    Once the data was recovered the laptop has sat in a box for the last few months.

    However we've just bought a caravan and I was thinking it would make a perfect flat screen TV (I've got a USB freeview dongle) and media centre for the caravan.

    The caravan has a permanent 12v supply when it's running off the leisure battery or the mains.

    My thoughts were to mount it in the cupboard and extend the cable to the monitor so the monitor could be mounted on one of the walls.

    Has anyone else powered a laptop like this? Any thoughts? I'm not fussed about the fact that it will shut down when power runs out etc as the supply will be permanent enough (not like starting up / switching off the car)

    Obviously thicker cable would help with the warmth of the cable.

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    Some laptops use 12volts, while others use 14-21volts. What's the make and model of the laptop?
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      It's a Packard Bell Easy Note W3910:

      It runs fine off the 12v supply and I have successfully used it for quite a few hours. The input supply from the charger is 19.2 volts but the battery is 11v. I read somewhere that the voltage regulation circuitary would handle 12v no problem.