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laptop power on questions.

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  • laptop power on questions.

    hey so Ive really just been doing research on this forum but its now time to ask questions. Ive had a full working car puter but this being the second time around I want to make the system as integrated and intuitive as possible.

    Hardware: Dell Inspiron 1100 (already hard wired external switch that works as the normal power button.

    Car: Acura Rsx

    I want to have the computer startup as early as possible.
    - so 90 percent of the time I use the unlock remote. So i wanted to tap into the relay. (does anyone know were this is located?)

    - if i cant do that, the two doors have a switches that turns on the cabin lights. But that would be continuous power for as long as the door is open which wouldnt work well for switch.

    what other options do I have?

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    i'd check an rsx/acura forum on the relay location.

    how new is your car? does it have auto locking doors? if so, i think every time you picked someone up and unlocked the doors for them, your laptop would turn off.

    how long does it take your laptop to come out of standby? shouldnt be long, the main point of using a laptop is the battery lets it sit in standby mode for fast turn on. look up tinyxp, etc for ways to decrease the time it takes to get out of standby.
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