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  • Laptop Install/Powering/switching

    Hey guys,

    I'm a complete n00b to carputer stuff and have no clue when it comes down to electronics/circuitry/wiring. In either case, I wanted to go ahead and experiment with installing a laptop in my car for carputer purposes. I'm having trouble visualizing exactly what and where to supply power though.

    I've heard that I can buy an auto/air adapter off ebay, cut off the cigarette adapter end, and wire the positive to the positive of the battery and the negative to the negative or ground (metal grounded part of the car). I also wanted to install a router (or small footprint device with ddwrt) that would send a WOL packet to the laptop to power it on. All this based on when I start the car. I read the FAQ on relays and that I can install a relay chained off the IGN/ACC wiring (where is all this?). I'd then send an extension/wire to the boot and connect the auto air adapter. Then comes the issue of fuses and the placement of those (do I need just one, or more?). I'm just not sure where and what order everything goes.

    Would someone be so kind as to draw out a simple text illustration? Like [battery]->IGN/ACC->Fused wire->relay->auto adapter/router adapter->laptop/router

    And if I wanted to power the router as well, where would that fit in? Would I have to buy another special adapter for that and splice it into the fused wire? Or could I splice it into the auto adapter?

    I don't want to spend a lot of money on one of those fancy DC-to-DC pre-built boxes (OPUS, etc) and just want a 'simple' solution as this is more of an experiment (and to gain knowledge of how to).

    Sorry for all the n00bness!