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DC-DC in car laptop charger

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  • DC-DC in car laptop charger

    Ive done a search and cant find any up to date info on laptop car chargers.Im wondering if anyone has recommendations on the ebay specials that have held up over time.
    My laptop needs 19volts at 4.7 amps? its a asus 6000k

    Thanks in advance

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    Hmmm I must be traveling over virgin territory .....


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      You can use this Which I think is your best option. You would just cut off the end of your AC brick and wire to output of the P1900 Hope this helps SNO


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        DCDC-USB or Carnetix will both work. I wouldn't mess with the AC brick: most laptops use barrel plugs so you can just buy one in radioshack and solder it to the output of your dcdc regulator.
        My Project: All-in-one Double Din Unit


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          Thanks for the reply's
          Problem with most of the US based stuff is postage they want $101 min us, even on ebay if you manage to find one its around 283 au postage ...

          the postage makes it unfeasible to order from the states.
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            Have you tried PC swap meets etc?

            My last PSU was a 100W AC & DC input for $29 (normally ~$45).

            Previous was a 45W DC input for $22 for my GF's MSI (19V).

            (They are Aussie prices.)


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              Hi Mate
              Im looking for recommendations as the last 2 I brought either didnt work at all or lasted a few hrs and went pop!!
              PC swap meets lol I havnt seen one of those in years..... MSY killed of most of the market/home style bizz

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                Ah - good ol' MSY - they got a lot of my money too (but less than others would have got - they certainly had/have great prices).
                I later went to Centrecom though more so for HDDs. In fact other than yesterday's $249 Aldi Android4 9.7" tablet, my last IT buy was a Swap Meet's 2TB HDD for $120 that matched Centrecom's price...

                My last Swap Meet dud was a wireless mouse & a cheap USB port (misaligned SMD resistor) many years ago, but other buy's have been fine, and have more than made up in price.
                But for years Swap Meets have been the mainstay of regular sellers rather than the secondhand stuff of old.

                My AC/DC 100W converter has hardly been used though it originally tested fine. It's a no-name Chinese "Model HLP-L100W 2 in 1".
                The earlier DC-only ~45W has seen hours of use but it resides at my GF's place. It may have been a Ritmo (a brand I didn't originally like, but now trust).

                Not that I can otherwise advise on PSUs. DC-DC in particular should IMO be one of the more fault-prone accessories around, and they may not be cheap. VIZ Jaycar's "12V" PC supply (~$99) which claims a mere ~12V input (which I think must be a misprint - surely it handles automotive ranges?!).

                I'd advise a check on your alternator & system voltage to ensure it isn't above ~15V (for loads; and not above 14.4V long term for the car battery) and ensure no bad grounds/earths between the alternator, its regulator, and engine/chassis/battery-.
                Then I advise a receipt and return of any PSUs that fail prematurely.


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                  lol well it was a ritmo 100w universal power supply that went pop..... was running on 240v AC at the time and no idea why... it just failed to work after a 6hr test session ...It was also responsible for a fried pico psu and motherboard as it would jump to 14volt output when first powered up using 240V even though it was set to 12v
                  Ive found a DCDC-USB on ebay for under 100$ delivered so might give that a whirl..... just have to wait for the $$$ to build up