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HP 135W Smart adapter same for Advanced Dock/Notebooks?

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  • HP 135W Smart adapter same for Advanced Dock/Notebooks?

    I just got a great deal on a refurb HP nc8230, and an HP Advanced Docking Station for $75. They work great together, but for use as a carPC, I need to power the dock via a 135W, 12V to 19V DC adapter. Note that the Advanced Dock will not power on when connected to your garden variety 90W DC adapter, it uses more amperage than they are rated for.

    Just wondering if any of you laptop gurus happen to know if the "Smart AC Adapter 135W PFC", part number 397803-001, listed as the replacement for the HP Advanced Docking Station AC adapter, could be supplanted by, say, any other HP-compatible 135 W 12VDC-to-19VDC auto adapter intended for a notebook. My suspicion is that they are interchangeable, but I would like to be sure.
    I have too much time and too little aggravation in my life, so I built a carPC. ;)