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[thinking about] HP TouchSmart tx2z install

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  • [thinking about] HP TouchSmart tx2z install

    Have anyone seen an install involving one? using the multi-touch screen as the in dash piece, I was also thinking about buying Just the screen bout 130-150$ and try to hook it up to a pc in the trunk

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    I'm actually in the process of getting mine fabbed in nicer than it is.
    In my setup I'm using an entire HP TC440 tablet PC, with the cable extended so that the base of the laptop is in the glovebox

    If you're wanting to use that screen along with a desktop pc you'd have to get the controller for it, as it's not a vga screen. If you were to hook it up to a laptop, then you'd just have to figure out the wires to connect up properly.
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    possible carpc install


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      I actually have the new tx2 and thought about using it as the pc just making another user and setting the settings and front end up on it, and buy and lilliput or xenarc for my car, that way if my car is broken into (again) they wont be getting away with much.


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        This thread is like 6 months old... =/ but we all do that every now and then

        I chose another route im installing my pc in the next two weeks I bought a 19" dell and Im fabing a space navigator as well and making a shark fin antenna with a gps and backup camera in it,
        ill be posting pictures once I get a camera thats not attached to a phone lol