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back light in the screen lilliput EBY701

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  • back light in the screen lilliput EBY701

    the problem is , when i Power on the monitor, the led shows blue but the screen shows black, i dont have a a back light but i see osd, how resolve this problem???

    please help me

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    so, your monitor is technically on, correct? if so, do you have your vga cable properly hooked up? is your pc on and running?
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      Back light failure? Probably a loose connection along the lines of the CCFL tube and inverter. At worst, probably a failed inverter.


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        Originally posted by DIGItonium View Post
        Back light failure? Probably a loose connection along the lines of the CCFL tube and inverter. At worst, probably a failed inverter.

        Or the backlight itself has failed, or is broken.
        I have a new lcd panel and a new ccfl backlight available.


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          I think the problem is the VGA cable or the signal, because OSD is visible.
          Try different Modes (different resolution, frequency...)


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            when i put computer runing the led comes tu blue , i dont see the window but i know the monitor recieve the input vga, because is in auto power on, when no signal vga the led shows violet, when input signal vga the led shows blue , but i dont have a back light ,


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              What you mean OSD? On-Screen-what?
              When you can see anything on the display, you HAVE backlight.
              You can check it very easily, just turn off the light of the room or go into a dark room with the door closed. Put your finger on the led. If you see the slightest light coming from the display, you have backlight (usually, a 'black' LCD screen with backlight on will give you a possibility even to read).
              When the room remains pitch black, you have right and your BL is off.
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                I see in the center of lcd one rectangle with lethers very dark, ( maybe no signal) when i dont have anything plug in monitor and then the monitor goes off and the led shows violet.
                When i plug comp. in the monitor, the led show blue , when i turn off the comp. the led shows violet


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                  OK. Try to present a picture with good contrast. e.g. bouncing box in dxdiag
                  or a white on black text with HUGE letters in Windows Paint.
                  Is anything (dark, but visible) on the screen? Even when you light it with a strong lamp?

                  Normally (when it WAS good before), what was the color of the led during displaying the picture? I suppose blue.

                  In this context, I think there is something with the backlight.
                  Open the case, check the backlight fuse. Then check the two main switching transistors (or FETs) next to the transformer. These are trivial and frequent errors. When it does not help, ask an expert or a serviceman.
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                    do you have any photo of this fets? where is the fuse of back light??? on pcb or lcd????


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                      it is a backlight problem. The OSK he is trying to describe is the on screen menu when you push the menu button on the LCD. It gives you the configuration options for the screen. The blue/violet/red sequence is exactly what I have.

                      Normally the OSK is bright white. If it is not white, then there is a problem. Check the 2 thick wires, running to the inverter screen from the main board. The plug that holds them is really easy to fall out. So if you are looking at the screen from the back (LCD table down, Back case facing you) undo all the screws, and pry off the case. Then on your left will be 2 large ribbon cables, and a yellowish 4 pin see through wire. Unplug all of those, and then you can lift the left of the screen up, and hinge it on the right side. The part still holding the right screen down should be the inverter wires. If it is completely loose, then you have a problem.
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                        Same Issue!

                        Hey all!

                        I have the same problem. I press my power button and the screen remains blank. I looked at the LEDs to see if power was coming to the unit and it was (lights all turned blue). I then checked my monitor cables and connections and they all seemed fine. My screen has the auto-on (option is checked).
                        If I turn off my car, the screen will stay on because it is running off the cigarette lighter so if the I turn the car back on the screen would go blank. Now, the screen doesn't turn on at all! I checked the lights and they still come on but the power light also has a red light on with it.

                        Let me know if you guys have any ideas.
                        I am going to try using the wall plug and see if it is my ac adapter.