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flip down/swivel lcd touchscreen

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  • flip down/swivel lcd touchscreen

    ok so i know lilliput makes a 8 inch one that is ALMOST perfect
    but are there any other units out there that have this feature of a flip down AND swivel unit?

    basically i am planning on replaceing my mirror with the screen and need these two features so it will fit perfect in the space alotted...

    i have done extensive searching and placement in my truck.
    also i can't use my mirror anyways bc i can't see out the back window

    any other gurus out there have an ideas? or know of any other products that i have nto found? 8 inch touch/widescreen seems perfect

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    Well If you mount the flip-up and swivel upsidedown, you can invert the image on the computer side so that the image show up right side up.

    I think that might be the easiest way to go. Is there a reason why that wouldn't work? I haven't seen a flip-down and swivel. I have only seen flip-up and swivel.
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