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  • LVDS laptop lcd

    I have gotten hold of an lvds lcd screen out of a laptop.. it is a LP150X1 if i remember correctly.. I have contacted LG/Philips lcd division to get sum very simplistic info on the item but them seem to be ignoring me or summing..
    i Have 2 questions
    If i can get hold of a vid card with lvds output can i make up a cable that will run the lcd screen?
    and secondly how long can this cable be... i mean i know lvds apparently supports from a few inches to 10's of meters but then i hear stories that laptops are limited to a few inches and such... i am trying to get confirmation on this...
    ahhh yes and i just remembered another question...
    i have obtained an invertor from the compaq laptop this lcd came from... the input plug has 6 wires and i can't seem to find this invertor anywhere... its an AMBIT invertor... if u need the full product number just ask and i'll get it... the whole lots at my offices atm.....