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Genric LCD Monitor 9-Pin Din

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  • Genric LCD Monitor 9-Pin Din

    Hello all, I am brand new here and needed a little help with a monitor a buddy of mine gave me. It is a VIVO 12v 5.8" wide screen color tft-monitor. I could find very little information about the monitor on the web seeing as it has no brand marked on monitor or its board.

    It is an exact replica of the VIVO brand 5.8 inch monitor(Without brand stamp) pictured in this link:

    The monitor has a 9-pin-din input plug that i'm sure plugged into a device specifically designed for the monitors or a harness that came with the monitor. I am wondering if there is harness or device is there a place to buy it (although the vivo web site says nothing about what comes with the monitor and i had no luck finding information)? If not could I make my own harness to power the monitor and feed it audio/video.

    Here is a picture of the board:

    A picture of the plug:

    A picture of the harness splitting off:

    Wires collecting into the 9-pin female

    I found a similar problem someone had, but with the durabrand monitors. They have the same 9-pin-din with a wiring diagram, I wonder if they are similar.

    Here is a link to that thread:

    A picture of 9 pin jack

    1 - Video out
    2 - GND
    3 - IR signal - normally +5V, pulses low with IR
    4 - Audio - not sure if L or R
    5 - Audio - not sure if L or R
    6 - GND
    7 - GND
    8 - Standby LED - 0V when player on, +2V when standby
    9 - +12V power to monitor

    Any help on how i could wire this baby up would be appreciated. I searched a lot for some answers with no luck.

    Thanks for reading and let me know if you need any more information on the monitor.

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    If this is a STD display and not a VGA, that pin 1 video out is probably just a composite line. with pin 2 being its ground, if you have a video card with a RCA out, try wiring it to that to make a test. This is just speculation however and I dont know.


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        ? you had me hopeful


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          While reading a nother forum I found a way to conver this monitor to recieve NTSC signal via RCA. What you would do is connect pins 1 and 2 to an rca connection 1 being Video + signal and 2 being the video ground. this will give you the video. Next you would connect 4 and 6 and 5 and 7 to Audio RCA connections, or realy the audio connection of your choice. Now for your power source. You will want to connect the wire that is connected to the round metal circle to a 12 v dc ground. This will give you a ground for your power. The 9 pin is for +12 v power and of course connect this to the +12 v DC source and you should have power, this configuration will power the screen up however you will have no video. To resolve the issue you want to connect the #3 pin to the -12v DC or the Power Ground. This will put it a - pull and will take the screen out of standby mode allowing you to view the video on this screen.

          I have not yet tested this however I will be testing it soon and will post my results as soon as I do. If you try this let me know how well it works for you.


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            Thats good stuff i'll give it a try. Thanks for reply


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              I figured it out and it only took 2 years, but ya its a generic 6.5 Inch TFT LCD. 9 pin din. ATHR65 is the model number.
              I used the side wall as a ground,
              PIN 1 - -12 v remote wire
              PIN 2 - VIdeo +
              PIN 3 VIDEO ground
              PIN 4 - ?
              PIN 5 - ?
              PIN 6 - +12v
              PIN 7 - ?
              PIN 8 - ?
              PIN 9 - ?

              I really didn't need the others i used different audio other then the built in speakers so that eliminates 4 and like i said i used the side wall for the ground.
              My contribution to society. I found them in my closet about 2 hours ago and wanted to figure it out. I did it 2 years later and 2 years smarter, blam there you go.