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single din touch screen, with amp and FM radio

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  • single din touch screen, with amp and FM radio

    Hi all

    i've been here for a while but thought i would post a question as i'm pretty positive about the set up I want.

    due to expensive dashboard parts (and time i dont have) i'm looking for a single din solution (not PC.... well if its a good one then may consider it)
    I would need a motorised or non motorised touch screen
    it would need to have security detachable face (or look real crap!)
    have a decent sounding amp with FM radio

    I would want to use the radio and PC with the screen closed if possible

    I've seen a couple but wanted peoples opinions (price within reason isn't an issue)
    i cant find any details about the lm9002
    some seem to have the Dww-750fm
    not sure what else is out there

    I would want something with a bright screen too (if poss)
    thanks in advance