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K301 / MTSVO-SC Problems

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  • K301 / MTSVO-SC Problems

    The unit was working great for months, no problems, now all of a sudden the screen no longer moves. I shut off the car and the screen started in as always, and I paid no more attention to it. When I can back to the car, it was sticking out about 1/2" and now refuses to do anything else. The lights are lit on the buttons, and the beep like normal when I push them. I don't hear any sounds like the motor is even attempting to move. Any suggestions? Should I pull the power to it and let it sit for a bit in hopes to reset the thing?

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    Another user falling victim to the glitz & glam offered up by the first generation of motorized VGA screens....
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Anywhere to at least send this thing in for repair? I can't afford to drop another $400 on a screen....