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10.4" Lilliput Monitor shuts down radomly - using Intel Mac Mini

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  • 10.4" Lilliput Monitor shuts down radomly - using Intel Mac Mini

    Thanks for reading! I've searched and searched this and other forums for info on this but cannot find.

    I's using a Lilliput 10.4" Monitor with my Mac Mini (late 2006, Intel processor) as part of an in-home Music Server. The monitor's image is beautiful! Problem is, however, the dang thing keeps shutting down. The Mini keeps running fine, but the monitor goes black. To bring it back up, I disconnect it's 12v power adaptor, then reconnect and it comes back on - if only for a few minutes. Though this monitor is a touch-screen, I am not using it as such (and hence have not installed the drivers).

    The monitor does not do this when hooked up to my windows laptop (dell). Nor does another monitor do this when hooked up to my Mac Mini. Arghh!!! What can't they get along!! Please Please help!!!

    (as an aside, I'm floored by what you folks do - custom installing these things in cars, etc. ...Very very cool).

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    um no idea? i had a problem kinda like this but it turned out the power suply was just lose connecting to the lilliput, and i doubt thats your problem since you seem to have to unplug it and plug it back it to get it working


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      I'm having a similar problem with my Intel mac mini, late 06, and a 7" Linitx Plus. I'll try hooking my laptop up tonight and see if the monitor stays on.


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        I'm having the same problem with my 7" Lilliput 629. Works for 45 minutes to a few hours, then shuts off. Recycyle power and it will come back on for a few minutes, sometimes even 30-45 minutes, but it keeps happening over and over. I am getting a "Over Range" message though before it shuts off, unsimilar to what you are seeing. I'm investigating the problem this week, I'll re-post if I find a resolution for my setup. I am using EPIA SP1300 mobo.


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          Do you have the heater on or is there ventilation? My monitor shuts off if I have the heat above 82 after about 15 min.


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            macgeek gut feelings

            I think it has to do with the energy settings in the system prefs.
            Turn OFF all sleep / hibernate settings. see if the problem continues

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              same here. i have the 629 with the same problem, have hooked it up to 240v and 12v cig adaptor desktop and laptop vga o/p same problem. its brand new so i am going to send it back.

              been searching the site just in case its a setting but having to disconnect it from the power to get it to come back on again tells me there is something wrong..


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                OK. just done some testing...i put a big household fan behind the screen and i ran for hours without a problem. as soon as i turn the fan off 10mins later the screen is off.

                surely this should not happen???? it is not a hot day here and i am testing it on my desk, so lots of ventalation.

                so when i put it into the car the case will be off the screen, but it will be set into the dash, so any opinions on wether it would be ok or not.....???

                anybody else had the same experiences?????

                to the other people in this thread with similar probs try putting a fan behind it and see what happens

                all input is greatly appreciated.



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                  same thing, only it shots down every 2-3 minutes, backlights are lit, but no display, so have to manually disconnect, and connect it works, and shutdown, sometime it works for 8-15 minutes with no problem
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                    I have the same problem, I'm going to try attaching a small heat sink and fan to the circled piece in the picture (unless someone stops me). I believe that is the piece that gets hot. On the side it says "JHD-07" I'm not near the monitor now and have not double checked, however I will before I try it.

                    Last night I checked for continuity between 2 random points on the top of the piece; there was nothing. So would it be safe to put a heat sink directly onto it? Or is there other testing I should do?


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                      I'm getting the same problem, but in windows. If I leave the power off, when I connect it runs for about 3 mins. Otherwise it goes off much quicker. Also it will black out and then come back on with the image all screwed and a white fade comes in from the top right corner.


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                        This is the exact same problem I am having. Is the solution to use a heatsink and a fan?


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                          Or maybe I should ask, Giodi, did you install a heatsink on that chip and did it solve your problem? Did you use thermal grease (arctic silver) or how did you attach the heatsink? any other chips you attached a heatsink to?