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Help! Problem with my 7" screen :(

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  • Help! Problem with my 7" screen :(


    Can anyone suggest what's happening to my 7" screen ?

    Below are the screen shots showing the symptoms of what is happening. The white is not glare but a bright white light which covers most of the display and then fades away to show nothing.

    The daft thing is it sometimes works fine for 20 minutes and then just stops altogether. Rebooting just cycles as above or just shows nothing, a solid black display. The OSD menu cannot be displayed either.

    Any ideas ?

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    I think it can be a contact error. The symptom suggest the failure of part responsible for signaling LCD. The electronics somehow keeps sensing the presence of VGA signal, therefore backlight remains and these things cause fading out...
    Check connectors and cabling. Try to move them gently, except those white and pink high voltage wires.
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      I should add that the display is 100% standard and has not been opened or modified in any way - sounds like I should send it back.


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        What model display is this?


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          It slowly fades to white and sometimes shows other colors, right?
          I had this problem with my DWW-700H and actually just fixed it today. It was a loose ribbon cable. For some reason, many displays (including supposedly expensive and well-built Lilliputs) have this problem.
          You can send it back or try taking the display apart and reseating the ribbon cable (also consider propping it up with a toothpick or something similar as the connectors in these displays are not high quality and lose their grip after some time).
          Use the forums search function and search for "toothpick" and "white screen of death".


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            Has anyone had a problem with the monitor being stuck in Stand-by mode? Power comes on, but the screen instantly enters standby mode..


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              All fixed

              I sent then unit back under warranty and they re seated an internal ribbon connector which had come loose.

              Really good service from LinITX, complete turnaround from sending item to receiving it back again within 3 working days. Fully informed as well every step of the way